New Shine Cosmetic & Race

30 August 2020 (13:58) by Archlight Team

The New Dracona Season Launching in 5 DAYS will have 5 different races for players to partake in for exclusive cosmetics to obtain!  

The biggest and baddest of them all is a guild focused one.  

The first 20 players to slay hades will receive a new "Shine" cosmetic, which can be used to enhance any outfit. 

Only 20 of these will be available and will not be sold. Showoff your dominance with this cosmetic for seasons to come!

Character Creation is Now Open

21 August 2020 (15:28) by Archlight Team

Character Creation for Dracona is Now Open


New Dracona Season - September 4th

17 August 2020 (13:15) by Archlight Team

Dracona Down For Maintenance

The Dracona Server will be going down for maintenance to prepare for the new season on Wednesday, August 19th at 9:00am PT. If you are wanting to use any items to boost your power for heirloom rewards for the new season, make sure you do so before Wednesdays maintenance!

Character Creation

Character Creation for the New Dracona Season will open on Friday, August 21st at 9:00am PT!


New Season, Big Plans

Our team has worked incredibly hard over the last few months to prepare a literally game changing season for you all. Something we have felt more and more over the last year has been a growingly stale meta. Sure it slightly changes season to season with balances and system changes, but ultimately, classes are played very much the same.

We wanted to completely mix the meta up, bring fresh life into Archlights meta to veterans and new players alike, and a heck of a lot more customization and build variations for you all to explore! Based on the massive jump in discord activity, this design shift is being very hyped and well received so far, we cant wait to see the new builds that come from the meta shift!


Awakening System Revamp

Each skill now has 4 available awakening effects, 1 guaranteed and then 3 for a player to choose to further awaken.

Players can now choose between 12 different skills (10 spells, soul rune & auto attack) instead of just the previous 5. However only 5 skills can be awakened at a time, but these can be changed anytime not in combat. This will allow for over 364 new combinations on how you play your class!

And a little extra cookie for you all. Every single awakening variation is now available to view on our wiki -

So get to theorycrafting for launch!!


Android Mobile Client

Accessibility is everything, and everyone has a mobile phone. So a big focus for us has been developing a mobile client for Archlight that connects directly to our main game servers (not a mobile-only version of Archlight). While some other projects have released hardly usable & bloated mobile clients, ours is significantly more useful, dynamic & playable. With a streamlined mobile UI, full Archbot support, and many other QoL improvements, you can now play ALL of Archlight on the go. Waiting for the bus? Run a quick dungeon while you wait. In class? PAY ATTENTION! - Or make sure you dont miss that Jorus Run while the teacher rambles for an hour ;)

The new mobile client will be available for all servers on the launch of Dracona!


Targeting System Improvements

The targeting systems logic has been completely redone, resulting in a significantly smoother experience on low end and mid-range machines. No more lagging in Darksteel! Heck, no more lagging anywhere.




Lowered Rates - Longer and Better Season

Due to another overwhelmingly positive community feedback and reception, the awakening experience rates on Dracona will be further slightly lowered to make a more engaging and natural progression experience. Past changes were very well received and we feel a slight increase may aid even further to making the most ideal progression rate. To be clear, the change is only applied to awakening levels and will not slow down the 1-1500 progress rate which we feel currently is near perfect.


Backpacks & Trinkets back to Promotion Tokens

Backpacks and Trinkets have been removed from the LAT shop and added back to the PT shop for the upcoming Dracona season (and future Ildar seasons as well). We didn’t like the fact that these 2 essential slot items we’re locked in a season to season cost for the user. This isn’t a fun way to support our project, it’s a nuisance way, we want to make sure you guys feel good supporting what we have built over the last half a decade and continue to build everyday.


This Anniversary snuck up on our team out of nowhere… we’ve had our heads down so much on some of the most fun development we’ve done in years, that we totally forgot our anniversary was coming up until it was mentioned by a player in our discord! But it’s our 5th Anniversary! We cannot miss it! - holy shit it’s been half a decade of Archlight…

Our 5th Anniversary will come a bit later than the actual date. This is to make sure Dracona also gets involved on it (and gives us time to make the anniversary event even bigger and better for all three servers to enjoy!).

This years anniversary will be the biggest yet, with more in-game things to do, and more free stuff than ever before! Oh, and cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Archlight’s 5th anniversary events will be live on all servers on September 18th!


Dracona Cosmetic Races

The Achievement Point Races were very well received on the last NA and EU, so we have decided we will be continuing this with even more winners! We have doubled most the amount of cosmetic winners for all 5 races, additionally, the 150 achievement point race is now unlimited!

All cosmetics will be teased 2 days before launch!

3 Achievement Point Races

First 10 players to 300 Achievement Points

First 50 players to 200 Achievement Points

All players to obtain 150 Achievement Points

Quest Race

First 20 players to complete Hades Quest

Leveling Race

First 50 players to Level 1500


Archpass added to Achievement System

This was requested several dozen times now… so we listened! Your Archpass progression will now unlock you achievement points!


As usual, we will certainly have more notes and things to share leading up to launch, however there will be no class changes to mention before launch so you can reserve a character with the class you want based on the new awakening system!