New Ildar Season - Rise of the Death Knight - September 17th

03 September 2021 (20:21) by Archlight Team

Full New Season Patch Notes Releasing Wednesday, September 8th.  

Character Creation Opens Next Friday, September 10th.

We Are Hiring!

30 August 2021 (17:34) by Archlight Team

The Archlight Team is Hiring!

We are currently looking to bring on at least one, but possibly 2 new Community Managers to join the team. One of the positions is a monthly salary position, the other would be more volunteer based (paid via in-game currency), and have significantly lower expectations and responsibility.


Position Expectations

- Positive energy to the team & the community.

- Able to joke around, but also serious when necessary.

- Help with behind the scenes bug testing & tracking.

- Player support and facilitating concerns to the development team in an organized manner.

- Self motivated and will take the extra step.

- Wanting to help grow Archlight's community and the game as a whole.


Position Benefits

- Monthly Salary

- Monthly Archlight Coins / LAT's

- Be apart of & influence behind the scenes development of Archlight.

- Fully remote work.

- Experience working with a full-time development team.


To apply please reach out to Knighter over discord and send me an application including the following;



Languages Spoken:

How long you've played Archlight:

Highest level experience on Archlight (Awakening Level or Story Progress here works):  

Any Community Management Related Experience:

Why do you feel you would be a good fit for this position:

Where do you feel you would perhaps fall short for this position:

Are you interested in something full time, or just part time/limited time:  

What is the first thing you would want to improve as a new CM:

Ideally attach a Resume as well please (especially if applying for the salary position), if not, not a big deal, but it's definitely an advantage.

Archlight turns 6! Catchup Exp, Have your cake and eat it to!

12 August 2021 (18:03) by Archlight Team

Our 6th anniversary is here in Friday's Patch! Absolutely insane to think it's been over 6 years of Archlight already! This Archlight Anniversary will be action packed with some familiar community favorite activities (Cake throwing, Cake Eating Event & more)! Additionally, there will be over 15 in-game obtained rewards for players to fight over!

Catchup Experience and Item Pouches added!

Catch up pouches can be found on dungeon boxes, and by opening them you can find the following items:

Catch up upgrade stones: upgrades your weapon and armors at an easier rate, however only up to +20.

Catch up soul stones: upgrades your soul stone at an easier rate, however only up to +12.  

Catch up rune stones: upgrade your healing rune emblem at an easier rate, however only up to +12.

Catch up stat stone: This can be used to increase your stats, however only up to 500 total stat points and up to 80 in one stat.

If you are below 33% of the highest player level, you will benefit from a 300% experience boost from dungeons, tasks, and monsters.

If you are below 67% of the highest player level, you will benefit from 150% experience boost from dungeons, tasks, and monsters.


small banner.png

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary, everybody will receive a free Party Tauros mount token on first log in for the event! 


Tier 2 skill + 4 skills

Cake Bake Quest Rewards (In-Game Quest and box rewards!)

Caked Goblin companion (+2 All Stats)

Cake Knight Outfit (Tier 4 Health & Mana +1.5% of Max pool)



Cake Essence Event

Every 90 minutes of hunting, a !cake essence will spawn, saying !cake will cause a math equation to show up and correctly answering that you'll receive a cake charge. To avoid any abuse the !cake command has a cooldown applied so choose to use it wisely for gathering your charge!


Going into a protection zone and typing the words **!cake event** will put you inside the event area, there you will have 60 seconds to eat as much cake as possible, every monster spawned has a 100% chance to drop cake boxes with almost 2 dozen different rewards to obtain! And as highly requested, this year we have them added to the market!

Cake Boxes (Obtained via Cake Essence Event)

Please add all 3 of them to your auto loot list before entry to save yourself time.

Cake Box

Deluxe Cake Box

Extravagant Cake Box


You can see a lot of the rewards in the banner below here


Party Crab Companion  

+1 All Stats (4 different colors available that stack)  

Party Bear Companion

+3 All Stats

Party Bear Mount  

Tier 3 Skill Bonus

Small Cake Furnitures

+5 to a Skill for 23 Hours - Stacks up to 3 times


Party Pikachu Companion
Heirloom Exclusive (Received Back in Future Seasons)

Pikachu charges the energy you spend, returning 2 energy every 10 energy spent!

Cake Mount (Heirloom Exclusive) (Received Back in Future Seasons)

Tier 4 Skill +12 skills )


Party Ditto Companion (Heirloom Exclusive) (Received Back in Future Seasons)


5% chance to gather extra resources separately than like the dragon tool and other bonus gathering procs, such as global potions or gathering set. Does not work on Team Boss Arena.

10% Gathering Professions Skill Experience. (not just the awakening experience)



6th Anniversary Backpack - (Heirloom Exclusive)


7% cooldown reduction, 12 skills, 5% loot (Equipped in main slot only)


Living token exchanger Items

The First 25 Largest Pack Donations for 15600 coins will come with a Stuffed Dragon Furniture FOR FREE! Once these are all gone, they will be removed from the bonus items tab. These will go fast so grab them if they're available!  


The Free Stuffed Dragon Furnitures will be available once we patch on Friday! If you donate a large pack before the patch, you will not receive the Free Dragon Furniture, so please wait until we patch you will see it offered in the group of items when selecting your package!  


Stuffed Dragon Furniture (Heirloom Exclusive) (Received Back in Future Seasons) (8 LATs From Shannon in the event telport) 
(Free for first 25 Large Packs)


1 Furniture provides all of the below in 1 no choosing between! When we say stuffed we mean stuffed!

10% gold from all sources (essences, dropped, loot sold).  

15% bonus PVP honor (counts for achievements)

5% chance of extra bonus boxes from dungeons and quests. This works like the feats Treasure Hunter but procs separately, so it doesn't add a chance on top of it, but you may obtain both the Feat and this buff.  

Picking this furniture will give you an extra daily reward item that is not soulbound. The item is the same from the daily calendar.

You can't use more than one per day.


Anniversary Aura (Heirloom Exclusive) (Received Back in Future Seasons) (8 LAT)


Tier 4 Skill +12 skills


Cupcake Relic (Heirloom Exclusive) (Received Back in Future Seasons) (8 LAT)

cupcake relic.gif

(+10% healing, all sources)


Big Cake Furniture (Heirloom Exclusive) (Received Back in Future Seasons) (8 LAT)


Gives the user +10 to a Stat, +10% Goldfind, +10% Lootfind for 23hrs, Can be stacked 3 times.  


Party Ditto will be sold at Shannon in the event teleport for 6 LATs as well as obtained in the boxes prize pool.



Patch Changes

Cake boxes have been added to the market

World Boss' Auras have been added to the Living Token Exchanger NPC.

Wargate brackets between 5k and 9k power have had their damage scaling decreased by roughly 30%. (please continue to provide feedback to us we can adjust this further if needed)

Now skulled players won't be able to use stairs that move them into a protection zone

Changed the reward system to give shards for raid bosses participating more accurately when your contribution is lower

Scale Raid Boss fights overall health from raid bosses based on players inside the area.

When entering into the event world the Raid boss entry points will be more randomized on Sarandiel and The Forgemaster.  

The Forgemaster spawn position will be randomized around the map room as well.

Expanded PZ tiles on the top part of the boat in Kraken Defense Navy all the way to the first latter. Further floor change zones around the ship.  

All global potions now affect all worlds simultaneously vs separate global instances.

Champion's Break (a wargate relic) is now consumable and is a one time use only. You will not yield bonuses by having it in your backpack.

Cosmetic boxes from cooking up a storm now reset their cooldown with the story quests. There is a cool down log in the quest cooldown menu on your top bar in the client as well.  

Added a message to notify a player when they've reached their daily limit of candy obtained from Pokechess to clear up confusion.

Made Trainers unstoppable so they cannot be pushed or moved from their spawn points

Disabled Wargates from spawning on Rope positions

Blacksmithing weapon exchange will now remind you to empty your gun type weapon if it has cards in it

Reforged Mastercrafted items that have Ashen's Dust applied to them, will have their upgrade cap increased to +35 from 30

Raid Bosses mount drops have been changed to have a 3% chance to drop to any contributor! 

Kraken will drop Cephalopod mounts (T3 HP/Mana +0.9% Max pool). There are 4 of them and they do not stack but you may own all 4.


Sarandiel will drop the Pink, Blue and Green Witch's Soul (Pink and Blue are T3 Skill +8 skills, Green is T3 HP/Mana +0.9% Max pool ).

Forgemaster will drop the Moles Mount (Armored Mole is T3 HP/Mana +0.9% Max pool, Mole is T3 Skill +8 skills)

Energy system revamp!  

You can track when your next energy tick will happen by using !energy. It also tells you the bonus amount of energy that you will receive based on global potions and perks. This system as a whole has had a lot of adjustments to ensure more passive energy gain to all including incremental energy gain for being online during an energy potion for less than the 60 minutes.


Patch Fixes

Changing worlds doesn't significantly affect your energy regeneration (you can check this with the !energy command).

Enraging now buffs auto damages (This is subject to further balancement)

Explode on death now properly work on Sigil Dungeons.

Necromancer Witch Hourglass now spreads plague effect properly.

Fixed an issue with dual wielding scaling. This change primarily effects Monks. Auto attacks while wearing 2 claws will not diminish the damage that you were doing with 1 claw. Overall you will be in fact doing around 20% more now per claw when having a second claw equipped, AND will NOT receive diminished damage by equipping a second claw. A long term issue was discovered that resulted in us bringing Monks up to match other classes versus reducing other classes to match how the theory of dual wielding was supposed to work.

Fixed the starting amount of tokens for Team Boss Arena from the Wargates shop to properly need 5 instead of 4.

Fixed an issue where Navy Captains mission would allow you to use rockets to start your progress again and block you from turning it in