Halloween Patch

21 October 2020 (11:34) by Archlight Team

With today's reboot the following changes will occur. As well as upon the patch going live a world boss will be summoned to kick start the event. The patch is planned to go live with the daily reboot at 9:30am PT. Ildar and Avuria will be patched tomorrow. Further balancements will come in the next week or so as our time permits. Thank you for your patience.

Donation Changes

During the event uptime from today until November 4th every donation package will come with free candy as a bonus. 20 candy per 1 LAT in the package! up to 320 candy! These show by selecting your package on the website. 


Bug Fixes

Fixed Kraken contribution.

Healing will now only count for actual healing, as in, healing missing health/mana.

Damage taken is going to count properly now.

Damage done towards the tentacles will now count individually instead of equally distributed.


Siege have had its timer fixed.

Fixed issue where some spells were not hitting inside siege.

Professions and quests will reset on server save properly now, even if the player is offline.

Fixed an issue with reward boxes where it was possible to bypass soulbind items.

Fixed timer issues with Heaven/Hell Arenas.

Now, when a player dies inside the duel arena, they will spawn in a random position inside the arena in ghost mode for 2 seconds, being able to freely move.

Olympus boss mechanics fix to work as intended.

Players will no longer be able to walk on cloud tiles to avoid possible quest abuse.

Fixed Doomlord - Infestation where it didn't work properly in PvP.

Known issue with offset of Halloween Royal wings and Pumpkin Knight outfit. This will be fixed in a future patch.

Quality of Life

House rent re-enabled.

Inspecting house door will show the rent price.

(keep in mind that the rent price raises by 10% every week)


Players will now be able to open up to 100 reward box items such as Lord bags and Achlight crates at once.

Players will now be able to change awakening effects inside the dueling arena.

Players will now be able to check a summon's master name through "looking" at the summon.

In professions crafting window, players will now be able to see the craftable item's description and bonus.

[Already live] online trainers have been enabled.

[Already live] players receiving AT/Gold transfers will be notified.

New Rhutum and Otherworld Stronghold spawns are added (OW Spawn map will have some visual errors we are fixing a client issue in a later patch)


Summons will now consider resistance.



Life Harvest - Soul Eater will now paralyze players by 75% for 1s instead of stunning for 2s (PvP only).

Life Harvest cooldown increase from 8s to 16s.

Ravenous Fiend, Doomlord, and Shadowform have received a temporary 20% nerf in damage. This is just a band aid while we further investigate a permanent route.

Doomlord - Watch It Burn fixed description where it said that it caused burn.


Spooktober Wednesday Update!

19 October 2020 (14:00) by Archlight Team


Halloween event incoming!!!
The event will last until the 4th of November.

Arch City seems to be slipping into the Ghostly Plane! Please visit Pumpkinchu in the depot for a special task to start your quest and fight off the Pumpkin spirits that are attempting to possess our inhabitants!

Players will need to speak to the npc to obtain a task to kill 1 world boss. (This requires pre-awakening level 1000). Return to the npc once done to obtain Jack the pumpkin King's axe.

Players can use Jack's axe on their weapons to enhance their weapons and SMASH the baddies!!! In true Halloween fashion only your auto attacks will work to smash the enemies from 1 sqm away.


If you need another Axe for any reason Pumpkinchu will sell you a replacement for a 50 Archlight token fee.


Slay all the enemies raiding the town to not only loot a tier 1 reward box, but to unlock the portal to slay the Demon Oak and break his hold on our city!



Once the portal is opened in the depot players who have obtained Jack's Axe will be able to help chop down the Demon Oak and his patch of pumpkins causing chaos.


Players who participate in this boss raid will suffer no death loss inside the Demon Oak area, similar to a world boss so fear not and give it your all! Players participating in the banishing of the Demon Oak will give 200 energy and a free Tier 3 reward box. This is the only way to obtain a tier 3 Box.



Players will be able to purchase tier 2 boxes at Pumpkinchu for 40 pieces of candy each. Candy can be obtained when opening all 3 tiers of gift boxes, as well as Dungeons and Quests, 50 candy is available for 1 Living Archlight Token at the Living token exchanger in the depot. We hope you have a sweet tooth because there will be hordes of sweet loot to collect!


Heirloom Rewards are Big Pumpkin Mount and new Halloween Royal Wings!!

Box rewards may be 1 of the items per box below not multiple items per box.


Tier 1 dropped by raid creatures 300 spawn every 2 hours -- Please Add Item Id 32094 to your loot lists

> Catchup pouch

> 20-30 Crystal coins

> 1-5 pieces of candy

> Small Pumpkin Mount token Tier 1 +2 Skills

> Big Pumpkin mount token (Heirloom) Tier 3 HP/MP +1% max


Tier 2 reward boxes available for 40 candy purchased from Pumpkinchu

Catchup pouch

> 100-300 Crystal coins

> 3-8 pieces of candy

> Small Pumpkin Mount token Tier 1 +2 Skills

> Big Pumpkin mount token (Heirloom) Tier 3 HP/MP +1% max

> Royal Halloween wings token (Heirloom) T3 Skills +8


Tier 3 reward boxes are able to be obtained from killing the Demon oak 1 per participant


> 300-500 Crystal coins

> 10-15 pieces of candy

> Small Pumpkin Mount token Tier 1 +2 Skills

> Big Pumpkin mount token (Heirloom) Tier 3 HP/MP +1% max

> Royal Halloween wings token (Heirloom) T3 Skills +8

The Archlight Team Grows

11 October 2020 (15:04) by Archlight Team

We want to first off let all of you know know how much we appreciate the love and support you have showed us over the years! This era has been insane proof of our mutual love and support.  

This latest NA Season was a big breakthrough for our team, showing the massive potential growth for Archlight as a whole. Breaking over 2x our previous NA Season record from this Spring, we were on track to break 1000 concurrent that day as well but due to server overload, had to immediately put in a 550 player queue. From there, we had huge queue's for 2 weeks, while of course queue's are not ideal, it shows how much hype and excitement the new season brought and the changes we made. We learnt alot from this on the development angle that the community is wanting to see, and we will be focusing on similar concepts for future Seasons and Expansions.

However, with that our primary goal is supporting more players on our servers. Archlights growth was massive, and we want to ensure next time we can fully handle that growth and then some!


As the community and support grows from the playerbase, our team is able to grow! Phoenix & Hajter are both joining the Archlight Team full-time! Hajter will be a full-time community manager available to assist in player concerns & help facilitate feedback to our development team!  

Phoenix has officially left his full-time job, in which he would use his little free time to help Archlight religiously to join the Archlight Team full-time! Phoenix will be focusing on priority scheduling for the developers (making sure critical bugs are addressed immediately), growth of the Archlight Community & content development. Phoenix has more experience about Archlight as a whole than anyone in the team, him joining the project full-time will be a massive asset to the future of Archlight. With this, he will also be officially retiring his in-game character to avoid any potential bias.

Rufus will be moving to a full-time programmer position focusing on Bug-Fixes and Content Development. Having another full-time programmer on Archlight will not only ensure faster bug fixes, but also a much better stream of content development, balances, meta changes and far more! As you have already seen this season with some critical fixes and issues addressed and reloaded within hours to minutes! This will only further improve.

We are super excited about the new growth to our Team and what this means for the future of Archlight and we could not have done it without all of you and your support. Thank you from our entire team.


- Massive NA Season doubling our previous season player record.

- Phoenix is joining our team as a full-time Archlight Project Lead.

- Rufus becoming a full-time programmer with our team, focusing on bug fixes & content development.

- Hajter is joining our team as a full-time Community Manager.