Patch Notes January 29th

28 January 2020 (17:49) by Archlight Team

Monster Essences will no longer appear if your stamina is empty.

It will no longer be possible to travel with Charon the Ferryman while being protection zone locked.

You can now sell houses again

Fixed an issue where you didn't get removed properly from Heroic Quests instances upon dying.

Your sacrificial progress in World Boss events will remain intact even if you disappear from the game temporarily.

Fixed an issue where Heirloom Perks didn't yield any bonuses.

Removed a misleading message about being rewarded with a custom mount from mount dolls.

Fixed an issue with Channel Spirit where it didn't update stats properly.

Fixed an issue with Absorb Summon where heaven artifact decreased the attack speed bonus.

Your health and mana will be updated properly upon entering/leaving the battlegrounds/or arena.

Fixed an issue where some crafted soulbound items didn't stack properly.

Amulets such as `foxtail amulet`, `amulet of theurgy` and `cobra amulet` will now yield a random amount of health and mana.

Fixed a dialogue typo for the NPC Blacksmith Philbert.

Catchup Pouches & 2x Living Archlight Tokens!

19 January 2020 (13:53) by Archlight Team

Catchup Pouches have been enabled on EU, yielding 2 Catchup Pouches every dungeon completed! Enjoy faster upgrades, stats and more!

Additionally, all donations on NA and EU will receive Double Living Archlight Tokens on any donation from today until January 28th!

Patch Notes January 6th

06 January 2020 (13:31) by Archlight Team

Test of Strength

   - Changed the amount of kills required to complete a task.

Olympus Gates

   - Don't allow players to use the gates if they are PZ locked.


   - Rebalance their legendary spell.

Guns (Hell Artifact)

   - Reduce paralyze speed

Hell Sergeant

   - Disabled Angel Generals task.

   - Increased the amount of kills required for Angel Warden (from 1 to 10).

Shadows of the Ashen

   - Fixed an issue with the Pipes Quest where your quest progress didn't reset properly.

Walkable Lava (Forgotten Islands)

   - No longer being treated like a trashcan



A speed issue in CTF that resulted in players "teleporting" across the map has been resolved.

Fixed an issue where creatures didn't take damage when they stood on portals (i.e. The Succubus Quest).

The spell "Command Attention" is no longer usable in protection zones.

Mimicking enchantment of an item that has soulbound gems will no longer result in the scroll getting soulbound as well.

Dragon Hatchet will now have the chance to yield extra logs like other profession tools.

Apply attack exhaustion to player summons upon changing floors.

It will no longer be possible to trash reward chests.