Patch Notes April 28th

27 April 2020 (22:23) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes Tuesday April 28th 

Necromancer Balances

Doomlords AoE damage lowered by 25%

Ravenous fiends damage has been lowered by a further 20% ontop of the last patches nerfs.

Healing Ritual healing has been lowered by 15%

Fixed an issue with Underling applying two forms of scaling, causing it to deal far higher damage than it is meant to. This will come as a sizable nerf to this spell.


Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot!

2 New Cosmetics have been added for 6 LAT each to the LAT Exchanger. Players will now be able to obtain a flying Pidgeot Mount as well as Pidgeotto or Pidgey "Wings". Like the Dragon Wings, the Pidgeotto and Pidgey wings will fly diagnally behind the player! 

While Pidgey Wings and Pidgeotto Wings have the same passive bonus that is shared, the first 25 players to obtain the wings will receive the Pidgeotto Wings as opposed to the unlimited Pidgey Wings. The Pidgeot Mount is unlimited like the Pidgey Wings. 

To be clear, Pidgeotto Wings and Pidgey Wings share the same passive benefit, the only difference for the first 25 players is the cosmetic appeal of the Wings!

Pidgeot Mount (T4) Cross-Server & Heirloom

+1.75% Health/Mana, 30 Power


Pidgeotto / Pidgey Wings (T4) Cross-Server & Heirloom

+12 Skill Value, 30 Power


Catch-Up Experience has been added to Dracona

If you are new, starting late, or just off to a slow start, enjoy extra experience if you are below a certain level threshhold! If you have been wanting to tell your friends to hop on board Dracona, nows the time! Due to the competitive nature this season on Dracona, we will not be adding any catch-up pouches/upgraders into Dracona (This is being asked frequently, so we are giving an official response)


New Hideout Shores Continent will be released in next Tuesdays Content Patch (May 5th)


Patch Notes April 23rd

22 April 2020 (19:30) by Archlight Team


Patch Notes April 23rd

Misc Fixes

The base chance to obtain a Monster Essence has been doubled (Dracona Only)

Adjusted Bialzhar Loot.

Lowered Ravenous Fiend's Minimum Damage.

Fixed incorrect Wild Boss teleport locations.

The server will be cleaning the map hourly now due to the increase in players and player activity.

Machete's will now cut down wild growths.

It is now possible to properly use the Christas Dwarf Token.

Removed items that appeared twice in Lorial's shop.

The description of Archer Soul Runes has been updated.

The weapon attack of Voodoo Bow has increased from 30 to 32.

Adjusted the minimum Awakening Level required for several quests.

Tamer's may only heal their pets if they are on the same floor as themselves.

Fixed an issue with the Quest Log where task rewards occasionally didn't appear.

Fixed an issue with Guild Ads displaying the incorrect amount of members in a guild.

Exchanging Backpacks will now give Living Archlight Tokens instead of Promotion Tokens (on Dracona)

Castle Lords will now create "wild" creatures rather than summons that follows their orders.

You may no longer exit dungeon/or quest teleport(s) freely if you have been in a recent battle.

Fixed an issue with several outfits not yielding any bonuses after relogging (i.e. Inferno Warlord, Season Pirate, Diamond Warden).


Map Changes

Removed floating pillar from Eternal Tomb Quest.

Fixed stairs at Venomous Widow & Crystal Spiders spawn.

Added PZ/No-Logout Tiles to Pits of Archlight Reward Room(s).

Achievement Race, Doorbusters, Shop Changes for Dracona

16 April 2020 (13:10) by Archlight Team


These aura's will automatically be given to the first 250 / 25 players when they reach the amount of Achievement Points. These will not be able to be obtained via LATs, Donating or any other method other than being the top 250 or top 25 (depending on which aura!).

Exclusive = Will not be able to be obtained again in any other way

Heirloom = Automatically given back to this account every season

Cross-Server = You will receive it on both your Dracona & Ildar account.

Magma Aura (Exclusive & Heirloom)

(Unlocked for the first 250 players to receive 200 Achievement Points on Dracona)  

T3 Health/Mana & Skill

+0.5% MP/HP, +5 Skills

Ghostly Aura  (Exclusive, Heirloom & Cross-Server)

(Unlocked for the first 25 players to receive 300 Achievement Points on Dracona)  

T5 Health/Mana & Skill

+1.0% MP/HP, +15 Skills


Dracona Launch Doorbusters

All doorbusters this season will be obtained as a bonus on donation, and not be required to be purchased through the LAT shop in-game so they can be spent on other things in-game.

(Update) Got many pm's about this already  - Yes, if you donate now you will receive the doorbusters, if you donated before now but for this season (last few days), you just need to PM me tomorrow with your payment info and i'll make sure you get it too.

(Update2) When all the wings are sold out, they will be removed from the donation bonus page, so if you dont see them anymore in the donation bonuses on the "Donate" page, they're no longer available!

The first 25 large coin pack donations (288usd) will receive a free pair of Exclusive, Heirloom & Cross-Server Ghostly Wings. These will go incredibly fast, as it's very rare we include Cross-Server Cosmetics for free on donation, as opposed to purchased with LAT's, if you are wanting a pair, grab one!

T5 Health/Mana & Skill

+1.25% MP/HP, +10 Skills

The Large (288usd) & Second Largest (144usd) Coin Packs will now come with 10 / 20 Leg Keys as an additional free bonus. We dont have a timeline on these but likely only a few days.

Prismatic Gear

Base Prismatic Set nerfed slightly to be more around Voodoo Gear and less of a massive boost at low level.

To Celebrate breaking 1500 Characters Created we will be giving everyone a free prismatic set once they reach level 50 ingame. We have removed the Prismatic Set from the ArchShop as players will get it automatically at 50.

Enhanced Prismatic Gear will still be the same stats, but now obtained at a 10% chance from Legendary Archlight Keys (as opposed to 1% chance from Normal Archlight Keys).


Shop Changes

Crates will stay the same as before. Wont be changed to Avuria's Crates - Only had enhanced prismatic tokens removed - added to Legendary Crates at 10% chance

Backpacks are now available via the LAT Exchanger

Double Random Enchantment Boxes are now available via the LAT Exchanger

Removed ability to buy sugar cane from shop - we feel this simply expedites the profession race far too hard.

Global Potions Removed from the Donation Store (We feel these just dont have a good place currently, while they're great for revenue, they cause some very large balance issues between large guilds and smaller guilds/solo players)


Misc Notes

To confirm, Dracona will not have passive AT gain, and we will not reintroduce it in the next Avuria Season, we have a plan for the next Avuria Season (long away, as mentioned, 1 year long seasons) to increase AT gain on Avuria next season through natural forms.