Content Creators on Avuria & Last Patch Notes!

03 March 2020 (15:50) by Archlight Team

While our entire team is full focus on scaling Archlight content to handle the massive population coming to Avuria, we have been hard at work also setting up over 30 content creators that will be playing Archlight, for a combined 7000 average concurrent viewers (yes, almost the entire tibia section is playing Avuria xD)! With streamers like buozzi, rubini and nattank on board, who bring in collectively 3500 concurrent viewers! Avuria is already drawing massive attention, with streamers who were never before interested due to the Archbot, now enthusiastic to go hard on Avuria's Launch. So we decided to share with you some of the content creators streaming Avuria!


Additionally, we have a few more patch notes leading into Avuria! (Most of what we've been doing has been backend things to optimize the servers for launch to handle the population concerns so we can have as many people online at once as possible without having to add a queue!)

Spell Icons Revamped

We have reworked all the spell icons on Archlight so that they are much more representing of what spell they are for. Previously, it was quite confusing which icon goes with which spell, primarily because these cooldown icons never played a huge role due to the ArchBot. However we've heard your concerns, and have overhauled all the spell icons to be much more fitting to the spell attached!


Cyclone blade base cooldown reduced from 7s > 5s


Tamer Pet Spell Buffs are now toggle-able to reduce crazy spam while playing tamer and using your pet


Mimic scroll cost reduced from 25at > 10at

Additional Patchs #3

27 February 2020 (14:24) by Archlight Team

Additional Patch Notes #3

Buozzi playing Avuria!

Another massive 900+ Average Viewer Tibia Streamer is playing Avuria! Absolutely insane, we're so taken back by the amount of interest and hype from some massive content creators. Which leads us into our next topic...

Concerns About Overpopulation on Avuria

From seeing the boom in account creation, the amount of advertising about to go live, the amount of and size of the content creators we have coming to play Avuria, over population has quickly become a serious concern for us. What this means is we're all hands on deck increasing the capacity of many parts of Archlight. First off, this means adding free duplicate spawns to every spawn on Archlight, including the level 600 & 1500 spawn rooms, these duplicate rooms will be sure to have gathering resources like their originals. Additionally, we will be adding in 50% more dungeon instances, to handle the increased capacity of players. We are also looking at other parts of the game and how we can make sure they are prepared for the increased player population.


Premium Removed From Game, Replaced With ArchPass

We feel the Premium method we've had for 5 years has become outdated and after some discussion decided to fully remove Premium from Archlight. In replacement, we are implementing a season pass system called the ArchPass. The ArchPass itself is available for all players. Each ArchPass has 3 month cycles. During this cycle at anytime, you can upgrade your pass to a Premium ArchPass, allowing you to get several additional rewards when you progress your pass, including 4 unique cosmetics. These cosmetics have NO passive benefits to them, and are purely for showing off.  

In the first season of the ArchPass you will be able to obtain a Samurai Outfit, New Samurai Expansion Mount, Illumination Aura and a Shogun Outfit.

The Premium ArchPass lasts 3 months (or full one ArchPass Season), and is equivalent to the cost of 3 months~ of premium, as mention directly replacing it.

How the ArchPass Works

The purpose of the ArchPass is to introduce different progression elements of Archlight - Test of Skill/Strength, Energy/Gathering, Crafting, Events, World Bosses, Dungeons, Quests & More! - In an all in one system. Additionally, the rewards from completing ArchPass levels will be able to be used to further progress your character.  

However I wont blow up the newsfeed with the tutorial that is already written here by our wikipedia team! Take a look to see everything about how the ArchPass works!

ArchPass Guide


Rift Weapon Cost Lowered

Rift Weapons have had little to no role in Archlight for quite some time, due to not only it's cost, but also how fast early progress is made on Archlight in standard Ildar/Dracona seasons. However, with Avuria these levels will be much slower, and even incremental gear progression will be incredibly valuable. Due to this, we have adjusted the Rift Weapon cost from 


100 Crystal Coins, 50 ATs, 1 Dungeon Medal, 1 Rift Shard, 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Incantation Scroll, 1 Glass of Rift Goo


100 Crystal Coins, 20 ATs, 7 Dungeon Medals, 3 Rift Shards

Incantation Scrolls & Glass of Rift Goo's (the largest barrier to obtaining rift weapons) will now be turned in for awakening experience to the rare goods collector.


Gathering Experience Changes

The Gathering Experience Formula has been drastically reworked. Now, experience obtained from crafting and gathering will be significantly lower Pre-Awakening Levels (1-1500), however, it will be higher in Post-Awakened Levels where the experience felt virtually completely irrelevant. No more concerns of players grabbing a fishing rod and fishing 1-1000 on opening day.

Additional Patchs #2

23 February 2020 (16:44) by Archlight Team

Additional Patch Notes #2 - Avuria

Samurai Class QoL Update

Samurai Class now has a second set of Cooldown Icons which are gold tinted and are used to track Qi version cooldowns.

Reducing The Hotkey Spam

Base Heal Spells of every class now have a 4s cooldown instead of a 1s cooldown. The healing amount has also been increased by 400%. This means you will not have to spam click your base heal spell 24/7. Each class will still have their "weak heal" and "strong heal". 

Healing Emblems Change

As mentioned, Healing Emblems now are a toggle on/off healing item. They have also been buffed by 25% for Avuria to better smoothen out sustain with the base heal spells being increased to a 4s cooldown. Healing Emblems will also now be infinite, and will not have charges on Avuria.

Content Creators

As opposed to previous seasons, where we had the scope & ability to reach out to only 10-15 content creators, for Avuria we are reaching out to over 70 different content creators! Thanks to Tata joining the team, we have been able to reach out to a much larger group and bring in significantly more creators than ever before. This will bring Archlight 2 & Avuria infront of 1000's more than ever before. 

Key & Crate Price has been slightly increased 

Keys 62 > 72 pts/each

Crates 11 > 15 pts/each

We have slightly reworked the drops of crates to be more relevant throughout a season, and less of a pure early game spike, making them a more sustainable revenue stream for our project instead of purely a launch dump. Additionally, we believe the slight increase in crate price will lead to a small bump in the value of obtaining crates through in-game gameplay. This is a very small change, but we feel it's a small change in a good direction.

Our main focus with Avuria is focusing on year long seasons and not as much the race only style on Ildar/Dracona that we adopted from PoE/D3 seasons.

No Catch-Up Mechanics on Avuria

Additionally, we have decided there will never be any catch-up mechanics introduced to Avuria. While we feel this brings in a nice boost to the usual servers after the first 2 week race, this wont be needed for Avuria, and we feel it would only devalue progress made on Avuria. There will be the odd double exp weekend, like we have on all our servers, however never any catch-up mechanics (upgraders or experience) that specifically only target low levels/new players.

Further QoL Improvements

We are working on reworking all the spell icons on Archlight so that they are much more representing of what spell they are for. Currently, it's quite confusing which icon goes with which spell, primarily because these cooldown icons never played a huge role due to the ArchBot. However we've heard your concerns, and are going to overhaul all the spell icons in the very near future. In a perfect world before launch, but it may be a patch shortly after.

Reworking Experience From Gathering (Primarily Fishing) Pre-Awakened

We are still working on how this change will be, but it will be drastically lowered pre-awakening and increased post-awakening. Full details will come in a Patch Notes #3 before launch :)

Rift Weapons Material Cost Change

Another topic we are working on, will come in Patch Notes #3, but we will be lowering the cost of Rift Weapons to give them a more viable role in progression.

Open Beta #2 on Tuesday

Just a reminder to make sure if you want to partake in the 2nd Open Beta to create an account & character on our Avuria Website before end of day tomorrow! If you dont, you cannot participate in the beta! Additionally, we will be rewarding players for all bugs found as in our first open beta. Coin rewards for reports from the first and second open beta will be sent out this Wednesday!