Additional Patchs #2

23 February 2020 (16:44) by Archlight Team

Additional Patch Notes #2 - Avuria

Samurai Class QoL Update

Samurai Class now has a second set of Cooldown Icons which are gold tinted and are used to track Qi version cooldowns.

Reducing The Hotkey Spam

Base Heal Spells of every class now have a 4s cooldown instead of a 1s cooldown. The healing amount has also been increased by 400%. This means you will not have to spam click your base heal spell 24/7. Each class will still have their "weak heal" and "strong heal". 

Healing Emblems Change

As mentioned, Healing Emblems now are a toggle on/off healing item. They have also been buffed by 25% for Avuria to better smoothen out sustain with the base heal spells being increased to a 4s cooldown. Healing Emblems will also now be infinite, and will not have charges on Avuria.

Content Creators

As opposed to previous seasons, where we had the scope & ability to reach out to only 10-15 content creators, for Avuria we are reaching out to over 70 different content creators! Thanks to Tata joining the team, we have been able to reach out to a much larger group and bring in significantly more creators than ever before. This will bring Archlight 2 & Avuria infront of 1000's more than ever before. 

Key & Crate Price has been slightly increased 

Keys 62 > 72 pts/each

Crates 11 > 15 pts/each

We have slightly reworked the drops of crates to be more relevant throughout a season, and less of a pure early game spike, making them a more sustainable revenue stream for our project instead of purely a launch dump. Additionally, we believe the slight increase in crate price will lead to a small bump in the value of obtaining crates through in-game gameplay. This is a very small change, but we feel it's a small change in a good direction.

Our main focus with Avuria is focusing on year long seasons and not as much the race only style on Ildar/Dracona that we adopted from PoE/D3 seasons.

No Catch-Up Mechanics on Avuria

Additionally, we have decided there will never be any catch-up mechanics introduced to Avuria. While we feel this brings in a nice boost to the usual servers after the first 2 week race, this wont be needed for Avuria, and we feel it would only devalue progress made on Avuria. There will be the odd double exp weekend, like we have on all our servers, however never any catch-up mechanics (upgraders or experience) that specifically only target low levels/new players.

Further QoL Improvements

We are working on reworking all the spell icons on Archlight so that they are much more representing of what spell they are for. Currently, it's quite confusing which icon goes with which spell, primarily because these cooldown icons never played a huge role due to the ArchBot. However we've heard your concerns, and are going to overhaul all the spell icons in the very near future. In a perfect world before launch, but it may be a patch shortly after.

Reworking Experience From Gathering (Primarily Fishing) Pre-Awakened

We are still working on how this change will be, but it will be drastically lowered pre-awakening and increased post-awakening. Full details will come in a Patch Notes #3 before launch :)

Rift Weapons Material Cost Change

Another topic we are working on, will come in Patch Notes #3, but we will be lowering the cost of Rift Weapons to give them a more viable role in progression.

Open Beta #2 on Tuesday

Just a reminder to make sure if you want to partake in the 2nd Open Beta to create an account & character on our Avuria Website before end of day tomorrow! If you dont, you cannot participate in the beta! Additionally, we will be rewarding players for all bugs found as in our first open beta. Coin rewards for reports from the first and second open beta will be sent out this Wednesday!

Archlight 2 & New Bot-Free World Avuria

12 February 2020 (16:01) by Archlight Team

Archlight 2 & New No-Bot World Avuria

Release on March 6th at 16:00 CET (7:00am PT, 10:00am ET, 12:00pm BST)

What is Archlight 2?

Through 5 years of development into Archlight, growing from a small hobby server to a server powered by a full development & support team behind it, it has had some huge growth spurts, and some battles from that growth along the way.  

Over late december we had a long discussion with the team on what our vision is for Archlight, and what changes we need to make to achieve those visions, the biggest being quality of released content. This lead us to doing a pretty big restructuring on our team, moving a few part timers up to full time, moving our team to a set weekly schedule, having daily morning meetings, and improving our work flow management and communication within our team.  

This is part of why we've been quiet recently. We wanted to rebuild our much larger team from the ground up before we tackled our next ambitious update, Archlight 2.

World Names

All our servers have now been given world names, rather than simply named by their region.  

Ildar being the EU server, Dracona being the NA server, and Avuria being the new No-Bot server.

What is Avuria?

Back in 2017 we released the North American server. This single decision lead to the largest growth of our community in the last 5 years of Archlight. It unlocked new possibilities for us as a development team, in the content we develop, the support team we have, and ultimately the limits on what we could do and offer.  

Avuria is a new server set to be released on March 6th that is hosted in South East USA. This server however will be very different from the current EU & NA server, and offer a very different Archlight Experience. The changes below are all the ways Avuria will differ from Ildar (EU) & Dracona (NA). To be clear, the changes below will not occur on Ildar or Dracona, and only Avuria.

Avuria will be launching on March 6th at 16:00 CET (7:00am PT, 10:00am ET, 12:00pm BST)

No ArchBot

One the biggest complaints (We have gotten this quite literally 1000's of times over the last few years) is the fact that Archlight has a built in bot. For many, like the vast majority, this makes Archlight an automatic nope to them. Additionally, vast majority of streamers dont want to play because having a built in bot makes for very boring stream content. The playerbase we have simply discarded due to the gatekeep of the built in bot is enormous, and we want to open Archlight up to that community as well and not limit ourselves to a small minority.

Avuria will be a very different Archlight experience. The idea of doing a no-bot server has been on our teams minds for quite some time now. It's something that as developers is much more exciting to us, and allows for alot of changes that we've wanted to make but were somewhat restricted by the Arch-Bot, often times having to bloat certain content to account for the bot. An additional bonus of the removing of the Arch-Bot on Avuria is many will notice a significant improvement in performance in the client, as the Bot is quite resource heavy.  

Shop Completely Stripped!

One of the most notable p2w parts of Archlight has been the passive benefits from Outfits, Mounts & Wings. Not the benefits themselves, but the fact that you can simply buy them all off the shop, or with cosmetic tokens/LAT's acquired from donating. Well, ALL cosmetics from the shop, have been removed. Now all of these outfits, mounts, wings & auras will be obtained through in-game gameplay & progression only.

But that's not all...

All Prismatic Equipment, as well as prismatic enhancement tokens (obviously) have been removed from the shop & the game!

oh... and addon dolls, upgrade stones, stamina refillers have all also been removed from the shop. 

LAT's, Promotion Tokens & More Removed

Living Archlight Tokens have been removed from the game. Promotion Tokens, removed from the game. Cosmetic tokens? Well, these are not removed from the game, however, they will only be obtained by ingame progression and not obtained from donating!

No Global Potions available from the shop (only obtainable from ingame gameplay). No Bounty Cards available from the shop (Only obtained ingame from progress).  

Obtaining Cosmetic Tokens from Donating Removed

Cosmetic Tokens will now only be obtained through in-game gameplay! There will be various ways of obtaining Cosmetic Tokens on Avuria, most being mid and late game related.  

1 Year Long Seasons

Something completely new to Archlight with Avuria will be 1 year long seasons. While at face value, this might seem crazy, as currently Archlight seasons are 6 months, and even at that, they could even be shorter. This is something we have of course considered and addressed. A big vision for Avuria was a "Slow Rate" version of Archlight, this has been handled in many different ways, the largest of course being the removal of the ArchBot on Avuria, this alone will drastically slow down the 24/7 progression that is currently occuring. We have also reworked the upgrade rate, to make it smoother but ultimately slightly slower. Experience rates at mid-range parts of the game have also been slown down, making mid-game quests and progression much more meaningful and relevant. And lastly, we have also added tons of depth to late-game content including cosmetic "hunting", new challenges, spawns and more.

Avuria Legacy Server

Avuria will also be testing out our new system of a Legacy Server. A Legacy Server begins when a season ends, in which no characters are lost, but rather transfered to the Legacy Server, where they will forever be playable. Anytime Avuria begins a new season, all characters are transfered to play together on this legacy server and a new season begins.  

New South East Server Location

We are very excited to announce our new server location in the South East of the United States. This new location and host providing company was a no brainer for us. With access to a more powerful dedicated server as well as drastically reducing ping for the South American playerbase, while maintaining a low ping for North American & European Players alike.  

Automatic Monster Essences

No more needing to solve math problems! Hallelujah! Instead, all the rewards that come from Monster Essences dropping will automatically be given to you upon killing a creature, an animation will still appear to show you found an essence!  

Amount of creature kills for tasks have been lowered

As the Arch-Bot has been removed from the game, nearly all tasks have been naturally adjusted so that they are less time consuming and tedious.

No Vocation Changes

Vocation Changes are a great revenue booster for our team.. however, we firmly believe no vocation changes is detrimental to Avuria and will make for a significantly better long term player experience, and have decided to fully remove it from Avuria.  

Casino Disabled

The casino is a hot button issue. Many absolutely love the casino, many also absolutely hate it. Ultimately, we decided removing the casino was the best choice for Avuria.

Repetitive Spell Buffs Changed

The biggest concern with removing the Arch-Bot is the frequency players use different skills on Archlight, and the sheer amount of skills. Virtually all buff spells have been made as Toggle on/off spells to reduce repetitive key strokes, and allow players to focus on the pure combat.

Premium Island Removed from Avuria

Not much to say. Currently the premium island feels way too strong on the first week of launches. For now it has been removed, we will likely restructure it as late game content in the near future!

Rule Updates

Account sharing will no longer be allowed

Permanent Ban on any outside software use

Splitting donations across multiple accounts will notlonger  yield multiple drops on a new season, and will require progression to be made before points are dropped into an account Creating a more even playing field on new seasons..


Changes that will be coming to Avuria on Launch (March 6th)

& Then to Ildar & Dracona on April 3rd.

New Samurai Class

The Samurai is a new tank-dps hybrid class coming to Archlight 2. The Samurai primarily uses a 2 handed katana, allowing the Samurai to channel different abilities and elements through their Katana, changing their next attack. The Samurai has a unique resource however that further channels the power of spells executed through his blade called Qi (chi). Every 5 seconds, the Samurai obtains Qi, allowing the Samurai to further empower the next ability used. This is not a stackable resource. Each ability has a 30 second cooldown of it's Qi use, meaning you cannot use the same ability with Qi and will have to cleverly time your ability use to make the most out of your Qi.

Some example skills & their Qi effect.

Cyclone Blade - Makes the next attack by the Samurai whirlwind hitting all creatures around the Samurai.

Cyclone Blade Qi - Makes the next attack by the Samurai whirlwind hitting all creatures within a 5 square region around The Samurai.

Venomed Wakasashi - Stabs the target with offhand katana dealing damage, slowing and poisoning the target.

Venomed Wakasashi Qi - Stabs the target with offhand katana dealing heavy damage, significantly slowing and applying a more lethal poison to the target.

The Samurai has 2 Awakened Spec's like all classes being the Shogun (A Group/Tank Focused Spec) and the Ronin (A More Solo Oriented/Assassin Spec)

The Samurai's Legendary Spell - Dragon Spirit - Will allow the Samurai to use unlimited Qi for 10 seconds of combat, not being limited to 1 Qi every 6 seconds.

New Samurai Continent (Quest Chain & Spawns Unlocked)

Along with the new Samurai quest, we have a new Samurai continent to explore. This continent has it's own story quest chain, as well as spawns on this continent and more you unlock by completing the content. The Samurai content and spawns are side content that fits in between the Otherworlds content and the Forgotten Islands content, filling a large void that we feel there currently is in that part of Archlights progression.  

Solo Story Quest Progression

One of the biggest gatekeepers on Archlight for years has been the story quest chain. Debatably one of the biggest pieces of progression in the game, not only dictating your gear, but the locations you can go to and the upgrade rewards you can obtain! This was quite a massive undertaking for our team... but we have created a fully instanced solo story quest system that will generate maps and remove them to reduce load for up to 100 people at a time per quest!

Now how will this system differ from doing Story Quests the normal way with a team?  

First off, the rewards at the end of the quest will still obtain a piece of equipment (assuming the quest has equipment available), a reward box, and will unlock the quests usual progression allowing you to do the next story quest and access locations that quest unlocks. However, the reward box will have only a single reward in it, instead of the 3 tables of rewards you will now obtain from Story Quests (more about this later on).

Additionally, the solo version of story quests will only be available 7 days after the normal story quest has been completed first by a team. What this means is the most competitive team will still have a 7 day edge over a solo player, however, it also means a solo player will not be forced into either not progressing, or hoping to find a team (which many are unable to do based on availability). Ultimately, while this is a nice alternative for those unable to complete Story Quests with a team, it will not replace the desire to complete the quests as a team to obtain a larger reward.

Story quests that require players to stand on multiple tiles (Iceforged for example) will only require 1 player in the solo versions. 

Teamboss Arena

The teamboss Arena will now be available on Avuria's Launch. All the bosses have been completely redone, previously 8 lackluster bosses, their will now be 11 different unique bosses. Each with their own mechanics, and challenges. Players will group in teams of 4 to attempt to kill as many bosses as possible, each being stronger than the last. The bosses order are completely random, meaning each run will feel different, with different bosses being at different strengths.  

As a reward, players will be able to extract very valuable resources from specific bosses, which is used in new endgame crafting recipes mentioned below.

New Late Game Crafting Recipes & Limited Endgame Materials

A new tier of endgame profession crafts have been added to Alchemy, Blacksmithing & Tanning.

As teams of 4, players can battle challenging new bosses in the teamboss arena to attempt to obtain the materials used for these new crafts.  

120 Blacksmithing will allow players to craft a new set called the Celestial Set, which will boast +31 Skill Value, 3% Monster Essence and 6% Resistance per piece.  

120 Alchemy will unlock a new set of 4 Potions.  

Supreme Stat Elixir (+20 to all Stats)

Supreme Skill Elixir (+30% base skill value)

Supreme Experience Elixir (+100% base experience bonus)

Supreme Monster Essence Elixir (+25% monster essence find)

120 Tanning will unlock the ability to make a soulhunter backpack, which is not available to be purchased on Avuria, but only crafted.  

And lastly 120 Woodworking will allow players to make an Ancient Shrine, which can be used to give the user +10 to all stats for 24 hours.

Heaven and Hell Outfits

Bialzhar and Archangel now have a 5% chance to drop their respective heaven/hell outfits (Archangel Heaven, Bialzhar Hell).

Adaptive Summon Scaling

The current very rigid summon scaling system (simply scaling based off player power) has been trashed and replaced with a new adaptive scaling system. This new system will scale summons much more accurately based on how you build your character. Want to focus on having tankier summons? Increase your vitality stat, use mountain gems and the resistance of your gear! Want to increase your summons attack damage? Increase your characters strength! Summons will now scale in specific ways based on your stats chosen, gems used, weapon and armor strength, profession perks and more allowing you to build the summoner you dream of!

Spawn Balances

Hellflayers have had their experience and loot both lowered by 5%.

Otherworlds Spawns have had their experience lowered by 6.5%, and loot by 9%. Static and Frost spawn density have been slightly lowered.  

Voids have had their experience lowered by 15%

Gold Cove Thornbacks have had their experience and loot lowered by 7%

Dragonlings and Draptors have had their experience lowered by 6.5%

3v3 Arena Changes

The PvP Arena will now requite a minimum Awakening level of 250 as well as 5000 power.

The PvP Arena will now also reward the top 3 teams with cosmetic tokens at the end of every week based on their rank on the leaderboards.

The members of the 1st place team will each get 3 cosmetic tokens.

2nd place team members will each get 2 cosmetic tokens.

3rd place team members will each get 1 cosmetic token.

Team members of top teams will still unlock Arena Wings as well!

Changes that are coming to All Servers on March 6th  

Support Ticket System for Better Support

Already now available! We have setup a new support system through our website for our support team to use to better document, respond, and solve player issues. Some issues are better handled quick over a PM to a community manager or gamemaster, however, most issues we will direct you to fill out a support ticket, the response time is the same, we are all notified when a new ticket comes in, so if we're available on discord, we're available to solve your ticket! But this allows us to better track the issue, getting the appropriate person involved to solve it, and making sure multiple staff arn't unneedingly all addressing the same person at once.

Gods of Olympus Final Stage  

The final stage of the Gods of Olympus content will be fully available in the Beta on February 20th! (More about this down below). This will also make it available on all servers on March 6th! Sorry about the delays on this content guys. It came during a time of alot of restructuring within our team, and something we wanted to do right.  

Team Quest Boxes now have 3x the rewards

Quest Boxes have generally become considered something that isn't worth the time for the reward itself, atleast compared to dungeons and other forms of content. Quest Boxes will now give 3x the amount of rewards (same loot tables, but 3 different rewards per box!).  

Arena/Ritual Changes

Lord Rituals will now require Awakening 300+ to participate in. The reward structure of ritual lords have been rebalanced. The scaling of how many bags you get per amount of gold has been lowered, so that high power ritual lords dont give quite as many rewards as before. However, the base amount of reward bags players will receive by completing a ritual lord has been increased by 400%.

Champions Arena now requires Awakening 150+ to participate in, and Teamboss Arena will require Awakening 750+

Recruiting/Finding A Guild UI

Guilds are a massive part of Archlight. They play a key role in progression, and community, and sometimes newer players have a hard time finding the best way to get involved in a guild. Additionally, sometimes new guilds have a hard time finding players efficiently. To tackle both of these concerns, we have added a Guild Recruitment UI! This window will allow guild leaders to post a recruitment for their guild, allowing players to see the recruitment, and easily apply!

Guild leaders then can view all applications to their guild in an easy to use panel, allowing them to see the applicants Name, Level, Power, Vocation and their application message!

Quest Revamps

The Pits of Archlight Boss Rooms have been expanded to allow for better team vs boss fights. Additionally, the west seal of the Heroes Quest has been remapped to be about half the size, as this was a seal that needlessly took far longer than all of the other 3 seals.

2 New Rifts

2 New rifts will be joining the Archlight Universe. The Desert Rift and the Death Rift. Both, like other rifts, will have several floors with varying dificulties, a boss to defeat & different scaled instances based on players power.

Training Tiles now give 1% of your level base experience every 6 minutes.

Training tiles have always given an amount of experience to those training on them, however, while this amount scales, it becomes hardly noticable already at level 50~. Now all training tiles will give 1% of your level base experience every 6 minutes. This amount is not higher on premium training tiles.

Revampped Spawns

Many of the old, archaic, and well, ugly spawns have been fully remade from scratch. Alot of these ended up being early game spawns, that as a new player, were probably quite deterring and not a good example of how most the world design looks on Archlight at later points.

Additional Things

New NA Season When?

Generally, Dracona (NA) & Ildar (EU) have 6 month seasons. Sometimes we adjust that to be slightly shorter if it lines up better for development or other factors (launching pre-christmas break for example recently for Ildar). Dracona essentially hits the 6 month mark come April. If you prefer to play an Archlight without the changes mentioned on Avuria, We will be be resetting Dracona likely around the beginning of summer, as opposed to in april. This will allow us to follow a 6 month timeline on both Dracona & Ildar, while having Avuria on a 3 month offset once a year.  

Twitch Livestream - February 18th

On Tuesday, February 18th, we will be having a twitch livestream to answer any and all of your questions about Archlight 2 & Avuria. Additionally, we will be showing a few other teasers and also giving away $500 worth of coin codes to viewers for Avuria's Launch! During this livestream, you will also find out how to participate in the Open Beta on February 20th!

You can follow the channel now to know when it's live!

Open Beta - February 20th

For a long time we have avoided doing open beta's prior to launches. Primarily because its a shame having new content and changes spoiled before a launch. However, there is a reason virtually every MMO title nowadays do them. It's very hard to find every single possible bug with just inhouse testing, and some always slip through when you only have 5-10 people testing something. Many times some bugs are only apparent in very unique situations. The benefits to doing an Open Beta far outway the downsides however. If it can ensure smooth launches, higher quality of content, and fewer bugs, it's worth a few people trying something out before launch. To be clear, we will NEVER have paywalled beta's. All beta access will be free and available for anyone to partake.

Beta's will generally focus on specific content. When you login, you will be brought to a special island where you will have access to portals to all the new content & features we want tested.  

Additionally, at the end of our livestream, we will be opening up a beta signup, allowing players to try out the new content, new class, new instance quest system and much more! During the livestream instruction will be given how you can join the beta!

Any bugs found & reported will earn you points on whichever server youd like, including avuria!

We find this will ensure the most smooth release of content, even if it spoils a bit for the 10% that end up hopping on to beta test!

Character & Account Creation

Character & Account creation are both available now already for Avuria on the Avuria World website!

A New Age Is Coming

07 February 2020 (14:47) by Archlight Team