Abaldar Balance Notes

26 November 2021 (00:14) by Archlight Team

Balance Patch & Some Misc Changes for Abaldar!

Very excited to share with you our massive balance patch for the upcoming Abaldar season! These will not be applied to Dracona or Ildar, they are being posted on the Dracona website however so Abaldar players can look at the balance notes to prepare their vocation selection for Character Creation at 9:00am Pacific Time Tomorrow (November 26th)!

Some additional balance notes will likely be added to this over the next week, however, this is the significant bulk of the changes!

Please also consider that some of these changes & balances are being made due to the lack of cosmetic passive bonuses, so certain classes may be tuned more/less depending (for example the stat cap increase).

Additionally, we are excited to announce EliasTibiano, MP3, Dukoth & Soddrek will all be coming with their communities & teams to play Abaldar! We look forward to additional large streamers joining to play Abaldar as well!


General fixes and changes

The stat cap has been increased from 150 to 175.

Awakening stat points cap increased from 75 to 100.

Added the 11 Heirloom shop mounts to The Seamstress for 25 minor cosmetic tokens each  

Reduced the cost of outfits at The Seamstress from a total of 46 minor comsetic tokens to 24 total 12 and 12 each or 24 for full outfits without additional addons.  

Added a new pair of very special wings in celebration for our Tutor' efforts!  

Clarified the crafting perk in the achievment point store works for both Crafting/Gathering professions.

Increased diminishing returns on gems to start after 14 gems instead of current 12.

Reduced tile speed for players by 30% resulting in less natural speed for players. Making speed buffs and debuffs more relevant to the game.

Reduce spawn window of raid bosses from 60-84 hours to 36-48 hours from the last one. This also means a 12 hour window instead of 24 as well as increased frequency.

Created a new command !event to show more information on raid bosses, world bosses, rifts, and event times.  

Hive set - Is now able to go to +40 upgrade cap it is now equal to Reforged Mastercrafted equipment in terms of essence, skills, oils, scaling and upgrades. (But it remains seperate and is unable be upgraded with the other equipment from the seperate RMC armor line like Vampire hunter, Kraken, or Celestial)

Awakening spell reset potion removed from the shop as it is free to reset spells inside the game.

Richochet enchantment logic adjusted to work directly with auto attacks only on the target


Summoner classes

Summons deal 30% more damage in PVP

We plan to have a few more buffs to summoner classes, however these are not 100% confirmed just yet. We will update this section by Tuesday November 30th if they can be included. 


Tamer Balances

Soul rune Beast effect - Increased the duration from 5 to 10 seconds.

Crossfire explosive arrow - Increased the burn damage from 20% to 35% 

Crossfire Fellow hunters - Increased bounce range from 3 to 4 sqm and bounces to 2 targets instead of just 1 (hits for same damage on bounce). 

Distracting shot - Buffed damage by 15% - Increased CD from 7 to 10 seconds

Distracting Shot Distraction effect - Increased the stun from 1 second to 2 seconds (PvE), 1 second PVP

Hunting Spear guaranteed effect - Increased paralyze from 15% - 25%

Hunting Spear pig out effect - Healing buffs will now be taken into account.

Nature's touch base effect increase healing from 1.25% base hp to 2.5% base hp - Healing to the caster also heals the pet now for double the amount. Fixed the description of guaranteed effect that was saying `Duration increased by 10 seconds. Now reflects durations increased by 4 seconds to a total of 10 seconds. 

Tamers Bola Freezing Bolas effect - Increased the size of the frozen explosion from 1x1 to 3x3 area of effect.

Tamers Bola - Increased damage by 20% increased CD from 6 - 10 seconds  

Tamers Shot guaranteed effect - The isolation requirements will no longer consider allies including your summon in the range.

Increased the attack speed of Tamer Dire wolf, Dire Boar, Dire Bear, and Dire Gorilla summons by 20%  

Increased Dire boar damage scaling by 25%  

Increased the damage scaling of Dire Gorilla and Tamer Dire wolf by 15%

Unending Bond Bind effect - Duration Reduced from 25 to 10 seconds up time for the damage shifting effect. (the normal unending bond effect remains 25 seconds). Spell group changed from attack to support group.


Necromancer Balances

Necromancers - Will now heal with Specialist style Emblems and Spirit style infusion items instead of mage items. This should result over all in more HP healing power.

Players will now be considered the healers of their summons, so their stats will be added into the healing factors of summons.  

Doomlord summons damage restrictions were increased resulting in about 25% more scaling damage.  

Necroi Sacrifice damage increased from 2.5% of the sacrificed HP of the summon to 5%.

Doomlord infestation effect - Will now summon the Underlings on the point in which the Doomlord dies instead of on the summoner

Corpse explosion damage increased by 15%

Soul Rune Underling effect - Changed the underling to spawn on target location Increased from 1 underling to 2 spawned.

Assemble "Shadowform Description on the spell book was clarified to reflect it is for the "Witch" Spec only.

Gathering Fear damage increased by 10%

Life Harvest guaranteed effect - Description updated and spell changed to reflect, Also drains mana points. If you are full on mana, the exceeded amount will be converted into health points.

Fire Skull - Has been reworked, now releases 3 fire skulls that choose random targets to follow, when near the target they start exploding in an 2X2 squared area. Prioritizes targets near you.

Underling and all awakening effects - casting range reduced to 5 sqm from 7+.

Underling and all awakening effects - CD increased from 2 to 4 seconds.

Skeleton Army guaranteed effect - Investing points into this spell will increase its damage and the amount of skeletons. Each 2 points will add 1 extra skeleton, when adding the last (15) point it will add one skeleton having a total of 20 skeletons if fully awakened.

Lich form - Reduced CD from 90 to 45 seconds. Increased the amount of magic level buff from 25% to 35%.

Life harvest - Healing amount increased by 15%.

Healing Ritual - Increased healing by 10%.

Underlings will now spawn beside the caster when summoned normally


Archer Balances

Splintered Shot auto attack effect - Side targets will now recieve 50% damage instead of 75%.

Arrow Volley Proper Volley effect - Removed the 30% damage penalty (now it deals 100% of the damage), it no longer sends a 1x1 AoE on targets location, AoE changed to 4x4 sqm instead of 5x5 sqm.

Energy Arrow Spray guaranteed effect - Range increased from 4 sqm to 5 sqm.

Snaring shot - Paralyze increased from 30% to 50% for 4 seconds. Damage formula has been doubled.


Monk Balances

Soul Rune Guard spirit effect - Removed the block on casting on self and updated the description to reflect this.  

Soul Rune Spiritual hand effect - Increased effect duration from 5 to 8 seconds for the CD reduction buff.

Absorb the elements Soothing peace effect - Description updated to reflect more accurately, Dealing damage will heal you and your allies on a 5x5 range for a fraction of 20% of the damage dealt.

Channel spirit Lucky spirit effect - Reworked into a new effect, Gives a 50% chance of dodging a powerful attack that would take at least 25% of target's max health. This can only be triggered once.

Knockout punch guaranteed effect - Description updated to be more clear and state the paralyze strength is 20%.

Electric back kick Guaranteed effect - Fixed a bug causing it to only do roughly 20% of the damage over time instead of the the intended 50%.

Electric back kick lightning rain effect - Description updated to clarify,  After 1 second, lightning from the skies will fall over enemies hit dealing an additional hit of the same magnitude.

Flaming back kick guaranteed effect - Fixed a bug causing it to only do roughly 20% of the damage over time instead of the the intended 50%.

Flaming back kick fire rain - Description updated to be more clear and state, Fire projectiles fall from the sky after a hot second dealing an additional hit of the same magnitude to enemies at melee range.

Flaming back kick Stretch effect - Range increases outward in a 2 sqm asterisk mark spiral.  

Kamakaze punch air pressure effect - The in game effect has been adjusted to start at the caster and extend the final area of effect.

Legendary spell absorb the elements base and awakening effects - Fixed an issue with both the true damage and the summons "Ancient Spirits" staying active for longer than intended. They will now last the intended 15 seconds like other effects from the spell.

Channel spirit spell - Buff changes were reworked some in various amounts, resistance increased from 3% to 4%. Now the duration starts at 2.5 minutes and for each point 8 seconds are added to the duration reaching a total of 4.5 minutes.

Absorb fire spirit damage effects - fixed an issue where attacking a monster would force the true damage of the PVE target to the PVP target standing within range resulting in bypassing PVP reductions to damage in some ways.  


Bard Balances

Divine circle - Resistance has been lowered from 50% to 25%. CD has been reduced from 60 seconds to 40.

Holy shield and Divine circle's resistance buffs now "stack" so they don't override each other and may be active at the same time.

Lullaby Stunish effect - Sleep will now not be interupted by the very next hit. Instead it will last for 3 seconds or 1.5 seconds in PVP with the Bard.

Lullaby aggression effect - Damage increased on this effect by 20%.  

Buff Party spell - We have combined the various buff spells into 1 Train, Enchant, and Protect party of all levels, will now be just 1 spell. "Buff party" providing a more all in 1 buff. The Quick buttons on the bot have been simplified an d updated to reflect this change.

Buff party 5  - Was added to the awakening spell tree. Adding points will increase the skill and magic level buff, however it will not yield an increase to resistance.  

Chain Heal getaway effect - Lowered movement speed from 80% to 25%, increased duration of the effect from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.

Chain Heal fight back effect - Lowered the 20% precision stat bonus to 10%.

Music Strike horrifying sound effect - Description updated to clarify the effect was for 5 seconds not 3.

Music strike - Description was clarified and we added information that awakening it increases final note damage as well.  

Sound Explosion - CD increased from 8 - 10 seconds


Rogue Balances

Clones should not appear in battle list/bot targeting anymore.

Fixed an issue where clones would sometimes interfere in the game world or be attackable.

Removed the forced PVP percent damage on the auto attacks.

Heaven artifact Clone Jutsu: Fixed an issue where the healing was not correct. Now Clone Jutsu will heal you for the same amount as Soothing Darkness when the clone disappears, and take into account scaling things like restoration.

Reduced Base Attack Speed by 10%


Berserker Balances

Buffed the Berserkers overall damage by 15%  

Auto Attack effect Swing - Removed the 50% chance to hit in the U shape. It will now have a 100% chance to do so.

Heavy swing damage increased by around 85%

Precision Slice deep cut effect - no longer cause direct damage, instead, causes heavy bleed, dealing 100% of the original damage per second, along 4 seconds.

Relentless rage blade tornado effect - Area adjusted to be more on top of the center of the caster intstead of in front of the direction faced.

Smash Stronger Smash effect - Extended 3 full rows to the wave.

Smash and various effects animation and hit was adjusted. Previously it was a wave that would hit some tiles multiple times incorrectly. Now it it hits only once for a much larger total of damage.

Strong spinning blades bloodlust effect - Added 2 extra bleeding rounds dealing the same 37.5% of the origianl damage, the same as other rounds to this effect and updated the description. It now reflects, If the enemy is paralyzed, deal +50% damage. Bleeding caused by this spell will last for 7 seconds instead of 5. Hitting once per second.


Corsair Balances

Cannon Barrage Injure effect - Reduced the paralyze from 80% to 50%, increased the effects duration from 2 seconds to 4 seconds. 

Cannon Barrage cannon ball effect - Updated the description to reflect the proper spell information, Requires a target within a 7 SQMs range. Hits your target with a cannon ball, dealing a high amount of a damage in a 3X3 circle area.

Gauss Barrel shoulder shot effect - Description clarified to reflect,`Disarms the target for 4 seconds. If the target is a player, it will endure for 2 seconds instead.

Gauss Barrel barrel explosion effect - Description updated to reflect accuracy, Explodes in a large 3x3 circular area, dealing damage and making enemies hit burn. The condition will persist for 5 seconds, hitting 50% of spell's damage each second.

Skull Cracker temple hit effect - Description updated to reflect accuracy, Deals damage in an AoE 2x2 circular area around the caster.

Blue Coat summons for Call in the Militia - Reworked what was considered their "auto hit" of them shooting natual bullet like projectiles. This shooting hit is now a custom spell with acustom formula which has its damage calculated from the average value between strength and arcana stats.


Druid Balances

Bear Form - Resistance lowered from 25% to 10%. 

Hell Artifact scaling Increased by 28% so that at level 15 (MAX) it will have a 70% bonus instead of 55%

Heaven Artifact restoration stat scaling Increased by 25%

Removed requirement to be in Merlkin form to cast starfall (it will no longer auto cast it as well upon entering the form)

Starfall damage increased by 40%  

Soulrune avalanche effect - Fixed an issue where it was not freezing enemies at all in pvp due to multi hits and the freeze being canceled by being hit. It will now ignore diminished return effects of CCs.

Frozen tundra solidify effect - Fixed an issue where it was not freezing enemies at all in pvp due to multi hits and the freeze being canceled by being hit. It will now ignore diminished return effects of CCs.

Strong azur wave stone cold effect -  Fixed an issue where it was not freezing enemies at all in pvp due to multi hits and the freeze being canceled by being hit. It will now ignore diminished return effects of CCs.

Wrath of nature vines effect -  Fixed an issue where it was not stunning enemies at all in pvp. It will now ignore diminished return effects of CCs.

Enrooting carniphila effect - Fixed an issue where it was not stunning enemies properly after the time or at all in pvp in some cases. It will now ignore diminished return effects of CCs.

Blooming form respect for life effect - Spell reworked you may now attack while using this effect however your damage will be reduced by 50% and the healing effectiveness has been reduced from 100% to 50% bonus. The description has been updated to reflect, All Your damage is reduced by 50% and Healing spells increased by 50%

Catform - Speed boost reduced from 70% to 35% description updated to clarify details of spell. Transforms the caster into a Cat, increasing speed and HP/MP Regen. Transforming will make you maul enemies in a 3X3 area, dealing damage and making them bleed. It also increases caster speed by 35% of the base speed.


Guardian Balances

Increased all spell damage by 15%  

Soul rune Jeopardize effect - Description clarified to reflect the information more accurately.

Shield wall - Changed to level 1500 pre awakened and protector class specialization specific.

Shield haste - Skill buff increased from 30% to 35%

Auto attack guaranteed effect's Taunt will work properly on bosses and threat meter

Auto attack helping weapon effect - Reduced damage by 25%  

Auto attack helping weapon effect - Will now properly reduce in pvp

Ultimate challenege - Damage has been increased by 200%

Shield slam - Damage increased by 65%

Shield bash - Damage increased by 45%

Raise shield Thorns effect - Adjusted the 20% damage reflected to ignore the second round of pvp reduction. It undergoes this when the reflector is originally hit already. This will result in a true 20% damage being reflected at the attacker.

Sunfire missile - Range increased from 4 sqm to 5 sqm and bounce range from targets increased from 3 sqm to 5 sqm.

Sunfire Blind effect - Added a blind shader effect so players will be more immersed into being blind and able to feel the effects of blind to know they under such an effect  


Sorcerer Balances

Arcaneblast Arcane bomb effect - Damage increased from around 20% to 30%

Healing from silver, gold, and adorned healing emblem on Sorcerer's has been increased by 15%  

Auto attack Avalanche effect - Has been reworked and is now called Arcane Staff. For each hit recovers 2% of your total mana. Investing points increases the amount that is healed each time.

Destruction guarnteed awakening effect - Description updated to clarify it burns for 10 hits total occuring every 0.5 seconds.  

Destruction afterburn effect - Burn condition damage increased by 10% and deals 20 rounds of burning damage 1 round occurs every 0.5 seconds.

Hellscore Intense fire effect - Description cleaned up to be more intuitive.  

Fire shield guaranteed effect and the Fire Projectile effect - Fixed an issue where Damage was not scaling and increased damage by 50%  


Samurai Balances

Added a 2nd Qi charge to the class and icon in the client to display this second charge

Dragon blade Dragon's protection - Increased duration of buff from 3 seconds to 5 seconds

Last stand - Description updated to reflect spell effects clearly, While the samurai remains unmoved, he will receive +10% Resistance, +10% Damage and heals 3% of your maximum health per second for 10 seconds. Qi: taunts creatures around in a 3x3 circular area.

Tiger blade base effect - reworked and adjusted to work closer to it's original intent. Description updated to reflect, Makes next attacks guarantee critical for the next 3 seconds. Effects will only be triggered on auto attacks. Qi: causes bleed.  This means it will increase all Samurai attacks by adding a guaranteed critical hit for 3 seconds, however it will only proc the effects such as hell artifact and awakening effects fury and quickness on the next auto attack done after it is casted.

Venom blade description - Updated to reflect the spell effect more clearly, Makes next attack slow enemy by 50% for 2 seconds and deal 125% base attack as DoT every second for 5 rounds. Qi: causes double slow duration and double DoT damage.

Venom blade poisonous spread effect - Updated to reflect the spell effect more clearly, Has a 20% chance to spread the poison to enemies within a 2 tiles range. In case Qi charge is spent, it will have 100% chance of triggering this effect.  

Venomed Wakasashi - Updated to reflect the spell effect more clearly, Quick additional attack, causes 40% slow for 2.5 seconds and a 40% of base attack DoT every second for 5 rounds. Qi: 2 quick additional attacks, causes 100% stronger slow which also endures twice as long, 50% more DOT damage.

Venomed Wakasashi poisonous explosion effect - Updated to reflect the spell effect more clearly, The target explodes, dealing the same amount of damage to enemies nearby in a 3X3 circular area and applying a skill based poison DoT that hits every second for 5 rounds. Spending Qi charges makes the poison to deal twice as much damage.

Venomed Wakasashi Poisonous blade effect - Updated to reflect the spell effect more clearly, If the target is already poisoned, adds 2 extra hits on the spell base attack.

Venomed Wakasashi No Cure effect - Target unable to heal for 1 second increased to 1.5 seconds.

Yaten blade Qi Description - Updated to reflect the spell effect more clearly, Makes your next attack deal a large amount of damage. Qi: deals +50% damage.

Yaten blade intimidate effect - Updated to reflect the spell effect more clearly, Stuns the target for 2 seconds. Crowd control effect will have its duration cut by half against other players.

Auto attack Katana of wisdom effect - Increased activate chance from 10% to 20%

Auto attack Long Katana effect - Increased activate chance from 10% to 25%


Gunslinger Balances

Auto attack guaranteed effect - Damage boost reduced from 5% per point to 2% per point on bosses.  

Phantom expertise Cheaper by the Dozen effect - Increased the chance to make a clone from 25% to 50% if you already have a clone active.

Disengage Knockback effect - Now pushes the enemy 1 sqm away and you 1 sqm away. Enemies affected will receive a 1 second stun, against players it will be 0.5 seconds.

Disengage spell / effects - Increased damage by 40%




The Pumptastic invasion of Archlight city!

28 October 2021 (11:57) by Archlight Team

Halloween event incoming!!!
Beginning October 29th at Server save 9:30am PT 12:30pm EST 1330 Brasilia. The event will last until the 15th of November.

Archlight City seems to be slipping into the Ghostly Plane! Please visit Pumpkinchu in the depot for a special task to start your quest and fight off the Pumpkin spirits that are attempting to possess our inhabitants!

Players will need to speak to the npc to obtain a task to kill 1 world boss. (This requires pre-awakening level 1000). Return to the npc once done to obtain Jack the pumpkin King's axe.

Players can use Jack's axe on their weapons to enhance their weapons and SMASH the baddies!!! In true Halloween fashion only your auto attacks will work to smash the enemies from 1 sqm away.

Killing 250 in total is required to open the portal to the Ghostly plane and challenge the Demon Oak. The remaining Spirits will stay in town until the next raid.

Spirits will not be auto targetable with the bot or other means. Leaving characters around town to afk for the raid will result in action against the account and your main account. This will not be up for debate and is open to our interpretation.


If you need another Axe for any reason Pumpkinchu will sell you a replacement for a 50 Archlight token fee.


Slay all the enemies raiding the town to not only loot a tier 1 reward box, but to unlock the portal to slay the Demon Oak and break his hold on our city!



Once the portal is opened in the depot players who have obtained Jack's Axe will be able to help chop down the Demon Oak and his patch of pumpkins causing chaos.


Players who participate in this boss raid will suffer no death loss inside the Demon Oak area, similar to a world boss so fear not and give it your all! Players participating in the banishing of the Demon Oak will give 200 energy and a free Tier 3 reward box. This is the only way to obtain a tier 3 Box.



Players will be able to purchase tier 2 boxes at Pumpkinchu for 40 pieces of candy each. Candy can be obtained when opening all 3 tiers of gift boxes, as well as Dungeons and Quests, 50 candy is available for 1 Living Archlight Token at the Living token exchanger in the depot. We hope you have a sweet tooth because there will be hordes of sweet loot to collect!

A New Cosmetic is available from the Living token Exchanger!

Imp Aura - This Aura much like the recent World Boss' auras is done in the newer style and is amazingly spooky to behold! It is a (T4 HP/MP) (Exclusive). It will be available at the living token exchanger for 8 LATs.


In game obtained Heirloom Rewards are Big Pumpkin Mount, Gastly mount, and Pumpkinsaur Companion!!


Box rewards may be 1 of the items per box below not multiple items per box.


Tier 1 dropped by raid creatures 250 spawn every 2 - 3 hours -- Please Add Item Id 32094 to your loot lists

Catchup pouch

20-30 Crystal coins

1-5 pieces of candy

Small Pumpkin Mount token Tier 1 +2 Skills

Big Pumpkin mount token (Heirloom) Tier 3 HP/MP +1% max


Tier 2 reward boxes available for 40 candy purchased from Pumpkinchu

Catchup pouch

 100-300 Crystal coins

3-8 pieces of candy

Small Pumpkin Mount token Tier 1 +2 Skills

Big Pumpkin mount token (Heirloom) Tier 3 HP/MP +1% max

Gastly mount (Heirloom) Tier 4 HP/MP +1.75% max

Pumpkinsaur Companion (Heirloom) 10% Essence find

Tier 3 reward boxes are able to be obtained from killing the Demon oak 1 per participant player. 
We monitor this actively for Alt/MC abuse as well as log it for review


300-500 Crystal coins

10-15 pieces of candy

Small Pumpkin Mount token Tier 1 +2 Skills

Big Pumpkin mount token (Heirloom) Tier 3 HP/MP +1% max

Gastly mount (Heirloom) Tier 4 HP/MP +1.75% max

Pumpkinsaur Companion (Heirloom) 10% Essence find


Rise of the Death Knight! - Ildar Launches September 17th!

08 September 2021 (15:00) by Archlight Team

We will be opening the doors 1 hour early at 8am PT 11am EST.

Players will be locked inside of the depot until launch. We will restart at the launch time to fully open the map. This 1 hour will be intended for everyone to get their characters set up, check into their spell rotations and teams set up, and ensure things are good to go.

 The Death Knight is a NEW melee tank style vocation that is capable of taking tons of damage using his own body as a shield. Utilizing 2 handed melee weapons, they are capable of pulling enemies closer, paralyzing them and turning their souls against them using his own health as resource for casting spells. Death Knights can wreak havoc across the battlefield. The Death Knight will have 2 specializations. Dark Knight geared more towards status effects. While Blood Knight is geared towards blocking and tanking. 

You can view more details about the class and it's spells Here

Expose Nightmares

Feasting Bats

Blood Harvest

Blood Worm

Shield of Darkness

Death Lasso - Rope Trick Awakening Effect

Death Veil


Any donation of the largest pack from September 15th at 9am PT BEFORE Launch UNTIL Saturday September 18th at 3pm PT 6pm EST.  Will come with a Free Death Knight outfit token.

We have a new unique outfit for you all! The Death Knight outfit will be a Tier 4 1.5% Max HP & MP + 15 Skills with a Cross server ability. So obtaining it on Ildar will make it useable on your linked Dracona account, once it is patched into Dracona! (Date to be determined)

This outfit will be available for 8 Living Archlight Tokens at the Living Token Exchanger in game all era

More Bonuses!?

After an amazing reception on Dracona, and highly requested for Ildar. We have brought Ildar the Wheel of Archlight! 

Donations will also reward the supporter with free spins on the Wheel of Archlight. You will be given 1 / 2 / 4 Free Spins based on the size of your donation (You can view this on the donate page bonuses). The wheel has over a dozen different rewards including;

Charizard mount

T6 2.5% Max HP/MP & + 25 Skills


Butterfree companion

+8 all stats

The wheel is intended as bonus extra rewards for your support, however the two cosmetics from the Wheel can also be bought in-game from the LAT exchanger. You can view the full wheel by going to Manage Your Account > Wheel of Archlight.

World Boss' Auras
Both Auras will be attached to 1 token so you are not forced to choose visually if you don't want to. The bonuses do stack if you own both.

As promised we are bringing these beautiful Auras to Ildar with this update and re-launch! Each Aura was designed in a completely new style, one that we have never had on Archlight before this current Dracona season. They are simply amazing! We are thrilled to see how much people enjoyed them!

These Aura's will be available all era long from the Living token Exchanger for 12 LATs each.

Launch Changes

Solo Quests time after completing regular quest reduced from 7 days to 3 days for this launch.

Sieges will be enabled for the first weekend after launch, to allow for guilds to recruit members and have proper bidding time for the battle on the 25th!

Guild Halls will be enabled and handed out the first weekend after launch weekend not on launch weekend. On the 26th at daily rollover 3:00pm PT, 6:00pm EST, 0:00 CET.

Layering comes to Ildar

The layering timeline was longer than anticipated, it has been an exceptionally complicated system to create, one even some AAA studios have a hard time creating. The final result however is nothing but fantastic. We are so excited about the doors that this system has opened for Archlight as a project. We had to create this system out of a necessity of the amount of players wanting to play Archlight, one of the best problems we could have... but a problem none the less. Having this new layering system now allows us to essentially meet any population no matter how large moving forward!

You can visit our Layering FaQ on the Wiki by clicking Here

Wild Bosses changes with Layering

Cooldown to start counting kills again reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

Kills required to spawn portal increased from 150 to 200.

Kill participation increased from 15 to 20 kills.

Misc Changes / fixes

Every DoT effect that ticked less than 1s will now tick every 1s.

Explorer's Helmet will now have a 10% chance to double the amount of AT/Gold received from a Dungeon Box.

Poseidon's Protection will now properly deal damage even at level 0.  

Flippers are now consumable and no longer have to be worn in order to walk on water.

Participants will now be required to be in a party for the Team Boss Arena and players can't be pushed onto the starting tiles in the depot.

The following creatures have had their ranges reduced to 3: Forgotten Spearman, Forgotten Shaman, Cyclops Spellmaster, Helm Spellmaster, Forgotten Wizard, Treasure Coves Ranger, Angel Ranger, Angel Monarch, Demon Warlock, War Scouts.

Celestial equipments now have a new sprite

The stats window will properly show the correct value for the stats. These were reduced a couple era's ago with the addition of the spell revamp but the window wasn't changed back then.

Strength stat will now yield 0.33 instead of 0.22 per point.

Changed the Polishing, Repolishing, and Shining oil colors to make them look less similar to each other.

If you do not belong to the guild that owns the guild hall, you cannot go to that gathering area, even if invited inside the hall.

Blacksmithing stones breakdown now requires profession level, scaling depending on the power of the stone. Recipes are available at Blacksmithing under the city depot.

Sigil Dungeon ores will now drop a raw material, instead of 1 of each type. This won't affect the total amount of ores. You can clean this raw ore up into an ore of your choice at the Blacksmithing station. Requires 80 blacksmithing + crafting costs. To further refine the special ore Aaron will craft your pieces as usual on Minerva's Isle.

Infinite runes now scales with the user's highest skill, instead of magic level.

 Sigil equipment level requirement reduced from 300 to 200.

 Sigil entry level requirement reduced from 300 to 200.

 Party maximum size has been reduced from 40 to 30.

 Kraken items at the Kraken hunter now cost 4 shards instead of 6.


Story Quest task will now only count if the player has the Story Quest charge.

Events will count towards task even if there are no winners.


Archpass tasks "Kill a World Boss" has been changed to "Kill a World Boss or a Ritual Lord"


Added a limit of 10 Magic Walls per team.

Fixed an issue where Capture Points wouldn't be added if not enough guilds.


 Exciting new things!
The Peddler NPC has been added. 

The Peddler NPC will sell a random pool of exclusive heirlooms from past eras and his stock will rotate currently every Friday at server save.
Past items obtained at the Peddler that were previously cross exclusive are not when introduced from his market. You will be able to view your exclusives page on the website and see things purchased from the Peddler marked with a P next to the name. 

You can read more details about it by clicking Here

Added cosmetic boxes to the Cooking up a Storm quest. Killing the mini-bosses will give you 1 cosmetic box each, and killing Lloyd will give you 2 cosmetic boxes. The cosmetic boxes cooldown resets with quests.

Points, Heirloom points, and even cosmetic, drops are now automated, and will happen at a scheduled time. You can use the command !points or !heirloom to see when your next drop will occur! The days schedule has not changed from the coins resurrection page on our website under the community tab.

New enchantment added: It will be called Lifeleech. Whenever you deal damage it will now heal you on hit. Melee weapons will be 50% chance and Ranged weapons will be a 33% chance. The healing values will be 3, 5, and 8% for each of the 3 tiers. (Disabled on Guns)

The previous "Lifeleech" Enchantment sprite visual has not changed but the name will be changed to be called "Life Bloom". It will continue to be a regen over time buff as it was before.

Raid Boss inspired Dungeons

 Kraken, Sarandiel, and Forgemaster themed dungeons. They will yield a soulbound shard and be able to be spent at the respective NPC's on Myrefall in the Forgotten Islands. These shards can be combined with non-soulbound shards from the raids as well. Additionally each of the 3 raids bosses and each of the dungeon bosses will now drop special mounts to collect. Gustavo will be offering a token to reset your CD once per week for an exchange of Wargate's currency of course. 

All 3 will require the islands kill tasks, npc missions and Moles from Myrefall to be on cooldown and completed in order to enter. 
This means you can have up to a 7 day window to gain entry and try them out. So even the busiest of people can challenge the mighty bosses lair's. You will be able to enter the dungeon as many times as you need to within the cooldown period. 

Your charge is consumed on the slaying of the boss' minion inside. Because of this and the value of the reward the monsters inside do not drop loot or experience. You will be required to solve the puzzles, kill the boss, and 80% of the creatures inside to complete it.

Map Changes

While working on the Layering System, we were revamping old maps to make them better in many ways including buffing profession nodes and spawn sizes or map shapes. Since the last Dracona era until current era launch, the revamped or changed maps are:

Added a free duplicated Voids spawn.

Venomous widow  

Metal Gargoyle

Deadstone / Otherworlds inner book seal areas

Duel arena

Enflamed lords

Cliff striders


Hidden Asura Temple

Samurai Swamp


Corrupted Cave

Ninja Monastery




Base of Olympus  

Ogre Spawn

Rumrunner Bay


Treasure Cove



Death Reapers  



Lurking Cave spiders

Giant spiders


Cave Behemoths

Forsaken dragon spawn expansion (This made one of the Nomad and one of the Hellflayer spawns need to have their position adjusted on our world map. So you may notice some mini-map over writing on your first exploration)

Wargates Changes

The damage over time on corridors will now hit every 15 seconds instead of 10.

EXP from wargates has been reworked and the numbers will change based on your level. However a full clear of monsters will give you around 10 levels if pre-awakened, and 2 levels if awakened no matter what without experience boosts.

The wargates drop rate chance has been changed, as we added a new mechanic that makes your drop chance increase every minute it is out of cooldown. This will not only let you drop them more often it will increase along with the already implemented global system that scales the drop chance when a challenger is needed. This should result largely in more gates over all for actively hunting players regardless of their power. 

Wargates will stop searching for a challenger if more than 50% of the monsters have been killed already without 2 players.  


Gustavo's Shop

Team Boss Arena cooldown token cost has increased from 300 WC to 1000 wargates currency, and it's cooldown is now 7 days.

Team Boss Arena gathering reduction token cost has increased from 50  to 150 wargates currency, and capped at 5 max.

Sigil equipment transfer cost increased from 250 to 500 wargates currency.

T3 Soul runes have been removed from the shop.

Ramparts cooldown reset token cost increased from 300 to 500 wargates currency.

Warcry spell token cost has been increased from 800 to 1000 wargates currency, you still require 3 to unlock all stages of the spell.

Added back the 6th spell unlock token for 1000 wargates currency

Other items may be added in the near future

Cosmetic Race Rewards


Due to the anticipation of layering allowing us to host many more of you wonderful players and all your friends! We have slightly increased race rewards this time around to accommodate us starting with 2 worlds!


First 20 Players to 300 AP

Arcane Rambler - T4 HP/MP


First 30 Players to 200 AP

Tanned Swiftstrider - T3 Skills


First 225 Players to 150 AP


Azudocus - T3 HP/MP

First 35 Players to Slay Hades

Bloodforged Warhorse - T4 HP/MP & Skills


First 60 Players to Awakening Level 1500

Choice of Dragonair or Shiny Dragonair Companion (+5 all Stats)  

(They don't stack)


Obtain 500 AP by end of the season (Unlimited)

Rhea Mounts (Choice of 1 of 3 does not stack) - T4 Skills


ArchPass Rewards


Level 50 ArchPass Mount Cosmetic 

Temple Keeper - T3 HP/MP


Level 100 ArchPass Outfit Cosmetic   

Temple Master T3 Skills

Vocations Changes


Pyromancer class spells damage has been reduced by 20%. This was an unintentional blanket buff added at launch last era on top of the individual buffs given to spells causing a double dip effect.

Soul rune - Arcane Luck effect now hits for 40% instead of 50%

Hell artifact now caps at 10% max bonus to overall damage at level 15 while using Fire shield and Heaven artifact now scales to 12% resistance bonus level 15.



Monks are now dual wielders! This means they will wield 2 claws instead of a claw and a grip. Because of this, we had to adjust their attack speed scaling and claws damage to match the new damage formula, but overall it has a 25% attack speed improvement. Every claw type weapon has had their base attack increased to match daggers and guns of the same tiers. This is to offset the difference in the way dual wielders vs weapon + grip vocations work for spells as well! 

Kick style base spells now do damage instantly, before the animation is complete to ensure you cannot miss.

Summons level requirement are now 25 instead of 30 for the first summon to match the Assemble spell.



Auto attack cooldown for pets has been reduced from 4 to 2 seconds on the casting spell abilities.

Crossfire - Explosive Arrows now has an additional effect: Enemies suffer 5% more damage from the caster's pet for 5s.

Auto attack - base effect: Now keeps the healing pet on autos and has a 10% chance to proc pet attack spell with a separate 2 second internal CD than the other auto attack cooldown. Meaning both can proc.  

Crossfire - Fellow Hunters: Hunters now have an additional effect: Enemies suffer 5% more damage from allies members for 3 seconds.

Distracting shot - Boss Killer: Pets now have 10% additional damage to bosses for 5 seconds.

Hunting Spear: Damage increased by 20%

Tamer Bolas: Damage increased by 20%

Nature's Touch: Cooldown decreased from 120 seconds to 60 seconds.

Acute sense: Cooldown decreased from 120 seconds to 60 seconds.



The shape of explosive rounds has been changed to match more it's original idea. it looks more like an Asterisk star mark as it was intended.

Removed the HP based damage from auto-attacks on players due to base strength stat increase.

Soul rune fixed an issue with Heavy Artillery casting the original soul rune effect + the awakening effect. It will now work correctly and converts the rune from a single target to an area of effect rune adding also +1 round of damage.

Reminder and or explanation of how Clones work for the class. They are based off your direct auto hit. Essentially adding a full 15% damager per clone you have summoned! The clones also mimic the effects of your ammo and proc various enchantments like life leech, Ricochet, and hemorage!



Soul rune has been excluded from the focused mind damage buff.

The arcane stat bonus converting 25% of it's stats into a strength stat passive effect has been removed due to new strength stat scaling.

Archer's Grace: Base cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 16 seconds. It still has the 15% flat regeneration and adds 3 ticks of Holy Blessing after using it.



Gathering Fear: All effects had their buff effects damage increased by 15%

Auto-attack - Reapers Touch: Proc chance increased from 15% to 20%

Witch's Cauldron - Cooldown decreased from 16 seconds to 14 seconds.

Witch's Cauldron - Profane Smoke: Added a damage over time to monsters affected based on the poison damage.

Witch's Cauldron - Touch: Witch's Hourglass proc chance has been increased from 50% to 60%.



All spells damage has been reduced by 15%

Added an internal cooldown to the enflaming enchantment. Now it will cap at a maximum of 1 proc every 0.5 seconds for auto attacks and for spells. This proc is separate so that a weaker auto attack will not interfere with a stronger spell and vice versa depending on how the player chooses to build the class.

Raise Shields: Base cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds. Base effect duration has been decreased to 8 seconds. The guaranteed awakening effect will last for 10 seconds instead of the previous 12.

Auto-attack - Helping Weapon: Base proc chance increased from 30% to 40%. Damage has increased by 8%.



Subzero damage reduced by 15%.

Starfall damage increased by 10%.

Frost Grenade damage increased by 15%.



Precision Slice damage increased by 18%.

Precision Throw damage cooldown increased from 4.5 seconds to 5 seconds.

Strong Spinning Blades damage increased by 25% and cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds.

High Velocity throw - Blood lust description has been adjusted.

Heavy Swing - Earth shake: will now scale properly with points invested.

Enrage level requirement has been increased from pre awakened 60 to pre awakened 1000. Instead of 35% more skills it will now yield an increase in overall damage by 15%. However your overall resistance reduced by 10%.

Auto-attack base damage increased by 15%. Base attack speed increased by 10%.

Auto-attack - Slide: Effect has been removed and replaced by Bloodlust: Increase the damage against bleeding enemies by 10% and lowers your resistance by 5%.

Final Showdown - Damage increased by 23%.

Final Showdown - Isolation: Increases your damage by 2% per enemy hit for 8 seconds.

Relentless Rage damage increased by 35%. Added a base effect that decrease enemies defense by 10% for 5 seconds.

Precision Slice - Awakening base effect reworked into: Heals the user for 20% of the base damage. Investing points in precision slice increase the healing of it.



Explosive shot range increased from 4 to 7.

Second Wave now follows the user.

Energy Card damage over time - a clarification this energy damage over time does stack when you and your blue coats all use it. However the tick of damage all happens at the same time and so you see only 1 number.

Skull Cracker - Temple Hit: Target is stunned for 2 seconds, and other targets inside the area of effect are stunned for 1 second.

Fixed an issue with Cannon barrage effect injure not properly paralyzing.

Fixed an issue with Second wave effect no wasted bullets using the position where it was casted instead of yours.



Vibrating Notes now adds +10 stats to the party, instead of a percent bonus.

Vibrating Notes - Strengthened Spirit - Now yields roughly 50% extra stats instead of double the effect.

Vibrating Notes overall description updated - enemies and allies hit will recieve -10 stats, -5% res, -5% dmg and buffs +10 stats, 5% res, 5% dmg

Vibrating Notes Awakening effect - Strengthened spirit - -15 stats, -7% res, -7% dmg and buffs +15 stats, 7% res, 7% dmg

Lightstorm damage increased by 14%.

Sound Explosion damage increased by 12%.

Bard Wave damage increased by 10%.

Music Strike damage increased by 18%.

Final Note damage decreased by 20%. Final Note is now affected by the awakening effects applied from Music Strike.



Yaten Blade base damage reduced by 15%, and cooldown increased from 8 to 10 seconds.

Yaten Blade with Qi: second hit damage reduced by 20%.

Yaten Blade - Wide Cut: Spell damage reduced by 50% when this effect is chosen, and the main target is now hit by the AoE 2x as well as not directly on cast.

Cyclone Blade - Added an extra damage spin to it. Cooldown increased from 7 to 8 seconds.

Cyclone Blade with Qi - Damage increased by 30%

Venom Blade - Damage increased by 40%, and cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

Venomed Wakasashi and Venomed Wakasashi with Qi - Poisonous Blade: Explosion now happens when the hit lands on the enemy. Enemies hit by the explosion suffer from poison based on Venom Blade.

Venomed Wakasashi - Base damage decreased by 30%, and cooldown increased from 12 to 14 seconds.

Venomed Wakasashi with Qi - second hit damage reduced by 20%.

Tiger Blade - Damage increased by 30%, and bleed reduced by 20%.

Dragon Blade - Dragon's Breath: Effect changed to recast the spell if the user hits with Qi, instead of 10 DoTs for the same damage.

Dragon Blade: DoTs now tick 5 times instead of 10, and spell's base damage increased by 30%.

Hira Shuriken: Base damage increased by 13%

Hira Shuriken - Spinning Shurikens: damage reduced by 10%



Clone Jutsu - clones summoned will now take damage. They can be killed to end the aggro, and they have 3x the caster's HP but no resistance.

Smoke Bomb - Damage increased by 50%. The enrage it lowers has been reduced in 50%.

Throwing Knife - Damage increased by 15%. The knife can now jumps to the caster if there are no monsters left for it to jump.

Auto- attack - Stab: U shape hits now scale with auto-attack damage, instead of arcane.

Slice and dice - Slay: Fixed the issue where it would not hit all tiles around the caster, instead is was hitting the 5 in front of it only.  

Soul rune - damage increased by 15%

Death Blossom - Death Blossom: Explosion damage reduced to 50% of the damage dealt during the time, instead of a full 100%

Stat changes

As mentioned on the last patch notes, the strength stat now benefits the player with 0.33% damage each stat, instead of 0.22%. This is to improve and encourage people on trying auto-attack based builds, but we also wanted to diversify the meta even further. That is why we decided to add the following change:

Haste stat now yields 0,15% attack speed for some vocations, instead of 0,12%. This is to improve their attack speed scaling and promote attack speed builds. This improvement in necessary haste stats to reach a higher point, opens your character up to focusing on various other parts of your build such as sustain or dps. The classes that will receive this new bonus are:







The other vocations will maintain the usual 0,12% attack speed per point. Your stat window will display your accurate bonuses given.

This is the base balancement all classes currently will match Ildar how they are on Dracona but are exceptionally different on Ildar this era than they were last. We encourage you to visit our discord change log channel as well.


achievements banner.png

Achievement System Changes

Kills category has been removed.

PvP Honor achievement reworked into "PvP honor from event rewards". Nothing should count for killing players and getting 1 PvP honor. This is to diminish the incentive of ruining events and by locking regions or holding the flag in CTF. We will continue to make adjustments as needed with some planned future events coming.  

Gold looted achievement will now track progress from the gold dropped by monster essences as well.

There is a new category called "Wargates". Progress is added when the wargate boss dies while the player is inside the wargate. So, if both players are alive, both get the progress towards it. In addition to the Wargate boss kill counting to your wild boss achievements.  

World Boss and Ritual Lords achievements have been merged into the same category.  The required tiers will now be 10 per achievement level. Meaning 100 total kills will be a fully finished achievement category for this. Previous tiers were so high that in 3 eras nobody ever got near finishing it.

Quality of Life Addition

Rolling gems has received a highly requested quality of life update. That will save players time while rerolling their gems.

While having 10 or more gem removers in your character's inventory and placing gems into an item, you will be asked to roll it 10 times instead of 1. If you choose that option, 10 gem removers will be consumed and you will see 10 rolls on your screen to pick from. You may only pick 1. This is the same as applying and removing your gems 10 times, However you achieve the end result much faster. If you want a more detailed guide of this new system, please check out our gems  wiki page by clicking here with the new information already live!


revamped equipments banner.png

Revamped Equipment progression

To create an overall richer feel to progression throughout the era, and ensure equipment and effort put forth remains very relevant to your adventures in Archlight. We have put some immense effort into planning equipment progression, not only the last era with the addition of Sigil equipment from the Sigil Dungeons, but also with this restructure it will allow is overall a more smoothened scaling. This will lay the ground work for what we plan to bring you all in terms of new content as spoiled in previous patch notes and mentioned in several posts. We are very excited to start working even more so on the next big thing for you all!  


The Basics

Equipment will now have a stone upgrade cap and their own tiers, which will be related to the amount of stat values that Polishing oils can be rolled for. The Tier of Equipment will be the lowest available stat value and the range will be +1. This means that a tier 4 can roll +4 or +5 in the respective stat. Equipment will display it's cap on inspection and you will not be able to exceed the bonuses granted by the cap. You will be able to mimic your bonuses off and if placing a higher upgraded mimic than the tier's cap, not lose your higher progression for later.  


Sigil equipment line changes

Your Sigil equipment bonuses may enhance your Mastercrafted armor pieces. Applying their bonuses to the set. These can be removed once added and transferred with a mimic scroll to accommodate your builds or improvements. We have excluded certain Sigil set bonuses such as The Protector or Tank set from combining to the armor line. You must combine your pieces in a matching style, such as a Helmet can apply a bonus to a Helmet. This is so that players may not circumvent the system in an effort to rapidly upgrade with whatever they can get their hands on and must plan their build accordingly.

Sigil equipment stat bonuses have been changed from a cap of +15 to +10 maximum per piece on a perfect craft.

Sigil entry level requirement reduced from 300 to 200.

Sigil equipment level requirement reduced from 300 to 200.


Council of Marius equipment line changes

You can also apply your Vampire hunter equipment obtained in The Council of Marius quest line's stat bonuses to your Mastercrafted armor pieces or higher tiers, even if they have Sigil bonuses on them as well.  


Kraken and Celestial equipment changes

You can apply your Sleeping Kraken pieces to the Mastercrafted armor pieces to enhance your armor set a step further. All while keeping your bonuses from the previous efforts!

Lastly you may create your Celestial Equipment obtained from your Celestial ore mined in the Team Boss Arena at the Black Smithing station under the Depot. This will offer a true later game feeling and this must be applied to your Kraken pieces with all previously mentioned bonuses combined into 1 set of the Gods.  


Upgrade pathway summary

You must upgrade the base armor line in the order of Mastercrafted line with Kraken and then Kraken with Celestial. Sigil bonuses and Vampire hunter equipment can be applied to the armor line as any of those  3 stages stages.

The upgrading in a pathway is reserved for Middle to Late game equipment. You do not need to own the previous tier for example to go from Darksteel to Iceforged.

A more detailed list of the upgrade cap, skills given and oil tiers of each equipment can be found already live on our wiki page by clicking here. 

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary, everybody will receive a free Party Tauros mount token on first log in for the event! 

Tier 2 + 4 skills

As promised and per your request Ildar will receive the Anniversary event Dracona just had. Due to the upcoming re-launch we waited until then to add it to Ildar. The full patch notes are available to be read here

Simply scroll down the page just a little bit. 
The Stuffed Dragon will not be offered with donations. It will be available in game from Shannon as it was on Dracona though. 

The anniversary event on Ildar will run from September 17th at Launch until Around Monday October 4th